Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Current Addiction – Rockin’ Ruby


  Happy September everyone! Ber month is here, it’s like a new chapter of this year. Lot’s of things to do, preparing for Christmas shopping, I can hear the bells! lol!

    Anyway, I’ve been craving for something lately which is:

monster rockin ruby                                                  

                                                    Monster Rockin’ Ruby P38 

  I was actually hesitant at first when BF bought me one a few weeks ago, since I’m not a fan of the coke float. It’s just that for my taste coke and ice cream does not compliment my palate as compared with rootbeer which I would prefer. :D But for this Rockin’ Ruby, which consists of Sprite, ice cream and I think strawberry flavoring it blended well and is now my latest addiction. This one we bought last night and it was raining hard, we ate at Chowking (a chinese fast food restaurant),  but had to buy this first since It’s been so long that I’ve been craving for it. BF bought the coke float.

08312010035                       Monster Rockin’ Ruby and Coke float – his and hers 

   Looking forward to buying this again! I rarely go to Mc Donald’s really but with the Rockin’ Ruby float, I might visit on a daily basis, okay maybe twice a week until this addiction ends. LOL!

  Till then!


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