Sunday, August 01, 2010

Proud 2 be geek's impressions with the N900


  Just want to inform you guys that I am no longer continuing the review for the N900, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good phone but for someone like me who just needs the basics I was overwhelmed with it and I am not that techie when it comes to those things. But let me tell  you what I love about the N900 first

  • Camera 5MP Carl Zeiss with LED Flash
  • Browsing feature
  • Texting – the flow of conversation is so organized
  • QWERTY touch pad
  • Can watch youtube videos – but a tad slow

      What I don’t like about it:

  • At first hand, it’s not that user friendly, since it has a Maemo OS which is a first for Nokia, what we usually have is the Symbian OS which we’re all familiar with.  
  • Battery life – need I say more?
  • Can’t play facebook games

       And a whole lot of features that I don’t need. But I am very much happy that I got to try it first hand, of what it feels to have a N900 for just a couple of weeks. If I could keep it I would love to, but of course It’s for reviewing purposes only. Funny though, when I went back to my old phone it felt so small and light, yes, the N900 is bulky but then again it was built for that. The N900  is supposedly to work just like a PC, however it still has a few bugs, for a more in depth review, please refer to BF’s blog here for his impressions on the phone. So if you have questions, leave him a comment or follow the proud 2 be geek



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