Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I’m a Virtual attendee for Nokia 2010


    It’s been one helluva tiring week, well it always is since I always lack sleep, regardless what shift, I still lack sleep.

  Anyway, I got a surprise package package courtesy from WOMWorld Nokia

Image1256 What’s inside?

Image1257                                                         Goodie bag for a event

Image1259  Large sized T-shirt as a Virtual attendee, t-shirt was really shot, actually wearing it right now.


Image1262       A few 3D glasses, I’m not sure if the event is finished, I slept this morning since my eyes were really heavy :( 

   I’m quite curious about those 3D glasses, hmmm?

Image1263                                                         A virtual attendee ID

  For now, I still haven’t received the email, I wonder what time is it in London right now. But thanks for including me Nokia! Much appreciated :)


Till then!


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