Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nokia Smart phones + Nokia 2010


    As you may know from yesterday’s post, I received a package from Nokia sort of a press kit for their mystery event.

   While the Iphone and Android came out, Nokia was busy with their sleeves coming up with new Smart phones, competing with Iphone and Android phones, so what’s new with Nokia smart phones you say? First of, I am not being paid, nor requested to blog in their benefit. Being a Nokia user for the longest time, or almost my whole life, Nokia did not fail me. And I am very much happy with what they came up for 2010.

  4 New Smart phones, N8, C6, C7 and E7

nokia-n8-official-1                                                                        N8                                       

                           * photo taken from

   I already posted a video about this a few months ago, I loved all the features that came with it, as what Anssi Vanjoki said, the N8 is a entertainment power house. It can run 25, yes 25 apps ALL at the same time, how great is that?

112851_c6c7                                                       C6                                C7

                                 *photo taken from

  The c6 and c7 are effortlessly designed to connect people and proud to say free from dangerous substances like bfr, rfr. For c7, they used bio paint and for c6 recycled metals. The first to ever to have a impressive portfolio, such as that.

   And last but not the least

nokia_e7                                                                             E7

                        *photo taken from

      The e7 is for business people, described as THE Ultimate premium business device, enough said.

       The way Nokia mission of Nokia is, connecting people, and with the new released smart phones, it definitely connects people no matter where you are, or what you do. So, to sum it all up, as Nokia said; 3 words: Nokia is back! And they are back with these great phones. The N8 runs with a Symbian^3 OS, in my own description? POWER! Sooner or later, I’ll just have to save up for a N8 phone, or maybe someone like Santa will gift me this for Christmas, haha!

       The event was held at London and if you too are curious to find out about what happened to the event, then head on over at Nokia World, you need a fast internet connection though, my connection sucks since last night, but I was able to watch half of the event. Will continue watching it at at work (before I start working of course).


Till then!


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