Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ladies Night Out + Super bowl China


   Good day everyone! It’s the start of the week for me today. Yesterday, went out with my girls / officemates. Originally, the plan was just Red Mango, but since we haven’t eaten yet, we had dinner first. Karen, wanted to eat at a place where we haven’t eaten yet together, so Chinese sounded a pretty good choice. Answer to 4 hungry tummies? Super bowl of China at Mega Mall, Ortigas.

edited                      My friends l-r: Ivy <birthday girl>, Stacy, Karen and me

    Didn’t have a group picture, so I just inserted a picture of her. 

    Karen still had work so the rest of us, met up at Galleria first and Ivy treated us to The big chill, thanks Ivy, it was yum yum!

Image1274    When boss Karen <we call her that all the time> arrived, we headed to Mega mall already. Actually, it is my second time to eat at Super bowl, but I enjoyed the second time because I was with friends.


Image1276                                                             Appetizer: Kropek

      First of, before we arrived at our table it was already placed in the table, nothing fancy, and it was cold so I was like meh

Image1278         We ordered the golden stuff fish with cheese and cripsy fish fillet in lemon and plum sauce.

Image1298                                Golden fish fillet stuffed with cheese P220

         I liked how crunchy the coat is, the fish was soft, though this made us full because of the cheese. 3/5 spoons

Image1294                       Crispy fish fillet in lemon and plum sauce P240

             This is my favorite, which Ivy ordered, we asked the waitress to make it less spicier since Stacy is not much into spicy food. You can definitely taste the plum and the tang from the lemon, the flavors blended well, but I was wondering, what if we didn’t ask it to be less spicy? it would definitely burn our tongues that night. 4/5 spoons

Image1289                                                       Vegetable spring roll

       This was also quite good, no wow factor but worth to order. I liked how the sauce tasted. 3.5/5 spoons

Image1291                                                Wonton noodles soup P170

            My all time favorite place to eat for wonton noodles is at Luk yuen, but for Super bowl china I was not disappointed at all with the taste and broth. But next time please serve it more HOT not warm. I could’ve given you a better rate but since there is no excuse to serve your food hot, specially soup I’d give it 3/5 spoons

Image1292                                                   Beef brisket noodle soup  

         Forgot how much it cost, sorry. This was Karen’s order, I’m sure it tasted good, she was so cute in eating in a bowl.

Image1295                                                     Beef fillet chinese style

             Stacy’s order, this was actually good, the beef was tender and I liked the sauce 4/5 spoons

Image1296                                              Jelly fish with Century egg

           It was rather exotic for me, but I tried just one, it was okay, tasted like picked jelly fish, can’t describe the texture, a little bit harder than jelly.

Image1293                                   Diced chicken and salted fish fried rice

         This was okay , not too bland in taste, not disappointing. 3/5 spoons

   Over all experience with Super Bowl China, it was okay, we arrived there dinner time, like maybe around past 8pm, the place was rather cozy which is good, customer service? just okay, we kept raising our hands to have our drinks refilled. The place was clean, as for the food, it could’ve been better if the soup was served hot. I think Luk yuen or North park would’ve been a better choice for our dinner last night. 3/5 spoons over all experience for food and food service 10/10 spoons with friends, If I were just eating alone it would’ve been boring. Thanks ladies for coming that night. To Ivy belated happy birthday! actually all of us are cat lovers, though Karen owns a dog but she likes cats too ^_^ 

    Too bad we missed Red Mango, it was closing time already and Karen had work so we couldn’t stay long. Next time we will conquer Red Mango first and the Mango sago and Almond jelly at Super bowl, how’s a bout a dessert night ladies? But most prolly next month.


Till Then!



  1. Yeah, the wanton noodle soup at Luk Yuen rocks!

  2. @Lady E! YEAH it does! nom nomz.. and the seafood roll.

  3. @girls night in: most welcome :)


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