Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ravioli – Spinach and Mozzarella


    Quick post for today, I was curious about Ravioli’s Spinach and Mozzarella pasta which my office mate recommended to me. So the Spinach and Mozzarella was for today’s dinner.

Image1353   I can recommend the Bolognese, which is really good. I tried the Shrimp Diablo, didn’t like it that much. But there are more choices to try, maybe next time I’ll try the Chorizo. I think their prices are pretty reasonable since servings are pretty big.

Image1354                                                  The kitchen

 Image1355       The chef cooking my pasta, they use high heat  when cooking their food, as for my Spinach pasta, it was already prepared so they just heated it.

ravioli     This is how it would look like, sorry for the pictures, just using my phone camera for this. I thought I wouldn’t be full with my order but boy I was wrong. First of, the little packets had little fillings of spinach and very little mozzarella, but that’s okay since I prefer more spinach than cheese since cheese is very nakaka busog. I’d recommend that you eat this HOT! mine got a little cold since we went to buy other stuff. The sauce is pesto, and it does taste like pesto, not cheap pesto which is really good. It costs P135 and comes with their home made garlic bread. Closer look?

Image1356  I’d definitely recommend this to you guys if you are around the area, try the Bolognese and this. Well of course we have different taste buds, one of my friends didn’t like this, but for this Kitty is a thumbs up! Thanks to C for recommending this to me, though this isn’t something I’d order frequently since there are many choices to choose from.

Till then!



  1. Oh tagal ko na di nagpupunta sa Galleria.

  2. im seldom go to galleria.. but i love GOODLES! the pasta place near the movie house... :D

  3. @[cookiespink]: I haven't tried goodles, but yeah I always pass by it, maybe next time I'll do try that.

  4. finally got to try Ravioli. ordered Shrimp Diablo and i liked it since i had it spicy! :D bad service nga lang.. esp. from the mataray cashier.

  5. @[cookiespink]: yeah, i read your post about it. Hmmm, I haven't come across such cashier lady who is snooty.


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