Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friskies and my cats


   I’ve been feeding my cats 9 Lives for the longest time and I can pretty sure say that it seems that they are tired from 9lives.  I usually buy the kibbles (Dry) and the wet (Can) at Dog City, Makati Reposo. Well, they don’t seem excited about it too much when it’s feeding time. I decided to buy Friskies instead and once I opened the kibble pack they were all jumping in the table.

Image1319     I bought the small one just to try it out, and looks like it’s a hit. Cats do get tired of eating the same old thing eventually, well there are a lot of dry kibbles in the market but I can’t afford those since it’s way over my budget for cat supplies.


Image1324    The nutritional facts indicated in the back looks good, I’ve stopped feeding them Whiskas as it is junk, it has a high ash magnesium which is bad for a cats health in the long run and what I hate about Whiskas is that their poo smells extra baaad. I also bought the can (wet) which seems to be a favorite (tuna), after finding out about Whiskas, this is the only wet food I buy for them, sometimes the 9lives in Chicken gravy or Fancy feast.


     Each can costs, P64.90 at Shopwise Makati, but you can get this a little cheaper at Cash and Carry, and a little expensive at Walter Mart. My cats love this stuff which is good, next time I’ll be buying the bigger bag, but I’ll try the Chicken something.

      Next time, I’ll be making a thorough review for this.

Image1335       Here are my 2 boys sleeping in my bed. When I woke up, I immediately took their picture since It’s seldom I see them sleeping in my bed together. Below are their individual pictures.

Image1332                                                                     Tabby

Image1333                                                                   Piccolo

Image1270        After taking his picture, he says he doesn’t want to be disturbed. LOLS!


Till then!



  1. my cats are also crazy about friskies! but it's been months since they've had some. After the onslaught of the flu virus, I opted to cook their meals instead. I've got lots of recipes but I basically stick to this formula - soup, bread, meat, veggies.

  2. @Lady E: Nice, awww, hope they are well now though. Ano yun? mix it all together?

  3. yup! para kang nagluto ng ulam kaso weird ung itsura. haha! but they love it! their food bowls are always clean after dinner, no leftovers!

  4. The last pic reminded me of my dog, Precious, who sleeps exactly like that! haha

  5. @MrsMartinez: Yeah, cats and dogs sure have a funny way to sleep.


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