Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pantene Hair fall Shampoo


   I received an email from Pantene a few days ago about them sending me a sample package of the mystery shampoo, which is the hair fall variant. I wasn’t expecting much but was glad to read that email. I was actually surprised that they did send me 2 bottles of Pantene hair fall shampoo.

Image1346    The bottles we’re small and I think this will last me a week or 2 since I have long hair. The package arrived before lunch time and I haven’t taken a shower yet, it was perfect timing as I used it immediately. I’m a fan of Pantene’s total care conditioner ever since and I’m loving how this hair fall variant makes my hair feel soft and has a subtle fragrant smell. The packaging is completely new. Hmm, that’s about it! Who doesn’t love Pantene right?


Till then!



  1. Wow lucky you to have been sent free goodies! ;) and I agree, I love Pantene too!

  2. @MrsMartinez: It was unexpected when I got it. But did you get an email from them already?


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