Monday, October 18, 2010

NIKON L21 – A surprise gift by my love


    My day yesterday was sure a fun-filled one spent with the BF, and I sure missed him alot. A lot has happened which means, I definitely have a lot to blog about so first one will be “THE” gift BF gave me during lunch. I said “hun, picture tayo” (hun, let’s get our picture taken together) I was expecting him to use his camera phone Nokia C3 since it takes better pictures compared to my phone, and he said that, let’s use your camera and I was like whaa? then he reached out for his bag and took out his laptop bag. I was wondering what on earth is he doing or what is he reaching out for, then unraveled in my very eyes, the gift that I have been waiting for, eeeeee.. Thanks sweetie, I loved it <3


DSCN0100   Inside the box:


DSCN0097                                            Manuals and CD Software

   Installing is pretty easy actually, no brainer. The camera is easy to use too!

DSCN0098                                   Cable and Transcend 2GB SD card

DSCN0091     Since the camera uses 2 AA batteries, sweetie made sure to buy me a rechargeable one. He says that, compared to a lithium-ion battery this one would last longer. Makes sense, what if he did buy the L22 instead and the battery (for some reason) breaks or something, then there is no replacement for that but just to buy a brand new camera again, which we can’t afford. That’s it! Pretty simple package but I’m so loving it, the quality ain’t bad, it’s great actually, perfect for blogging and taking precious pictures with the BF and friends. The specs can be seen at the 2nd picture when you click on the image. Btw, it also came with a strap and a case but the case is color yellow, so I think I’ll be buying a pink one with more protection, cleaning cloth and protective screen next payday. I’d definitely take good care of my very first digital camera give by the BF, Thanks so much sweetie.

    What’s great about NIKON is you pay for the lens not the brand. If you’re curious about the price, this one costs less than P5,000.

   Can’t post some of sample pictures since it’s part of my upcoming review.

   Thanks for the delayed Anniversary gift babe!


Till then!



  1. sweet guy.

    nikon is known for its high-performannce lenses.

    by the way, how do you find its battery life on continuous use. also, did you experience any long shutter lags? and how does it fare under low-light conditions.

    i hope you get to fiddle around its full feature.

  2. @cafe'mobility: I'd have to agree, their lenses are great!

    Sure, I'll be making a post on my impressions of it. But for the battery life, batteries were included when BF bought it, played with the camera, took lot's of shots starting Saturday afternoon up until now and seems it is still in full battery, since the image has not yet appeared on the screen. More info next time. Thanks ^_^

  3. less than 5k??? Oh, my... MB!!! haha!

  4. @Lady E: Yes it is, hehehe. Almost 5k siya in most stores comes with a package deal too.


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