Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I bought for the day or rather night.


    Hello readers! It’s one rainy or rather stormy night! As soon as I got to Alphaland Southgate mall, the rain really poured so hard and that the umbrella I had was totally useless. What sort of pissed me off before leaving for work is that my other MRT card got lost somewhere in my room. I usually buy 2 stored value cards which is good enough before payday comes but now I have to buy another one. Waste of money I hate it!

   Well,  anyway so I was wet and all and was thinking of buying a blanket or a new pillow, since I brought my pillow  at home and that my cats are using it already as their sleeping bed. The pillow got flat and was really dirty already. I ended up buying a pillow instead, just in case that I may get stranded at work and I always use it to be comfy while working.

    So here’s what I bought for today, before heading off for work.


DSCN0167        I actually like it, there were other designs but this one was the prettiest for me, price is P125 only, which I think ain’t bad. I’m thinking of buying one for myself at home since I love to have many pillows in my bed. I’m the kind of sleeper that should always have a pillow to hug. 2 Pillows for my head and 1 pillow to hug.


  How about you? Are you okay sleeping with just one pillow on your head? or do you also like having many pillows beside you? Wish I could sleep right now but have to work, oh well. Sleep well for those who are at home, I’m sure it is cozy! Jealous. haha!


Till then!




  1. I need lots of pillows too! 2 for my head and a few to hug. Haha! My bed is filled with pillows and I can't let go even of the old ones!

  2. @Lady E: Yiiiiii! pareho tayo, ako rin eh.


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