Friday, May 20, 2011

Just a glimpse~


  Hello everyone, before anything else, I want to say thank you to catmare and ehmjay for the tag and award.  Here’s my take on the 10 things about me / 10 things I love.

   First up…


     I couldn’t be more thankful to have met my soulmate 6 years ago way back in college. Of course, love isn’t a bed of roses all the time, but if there’s one thing that I’m thankful for is that through the years, we make sure to work our differences and right now, we’re happy to where we are and much more in love~


    My fabulous friends, whom I met online and at work~

my girls~

   If you’ve been a constant reader in my blog, I’m pretty sure that you are aware of my career at the moment. I work somewhere in Ortigas, for Cartoon Network. It sure has been a wonderful year, unfortunately being a project based employee, there is no assurance of a stable job. I will sure miss my team mates specially, E, C, S, and I and my other colleagues whom I’ve gotten close with at work. Maybe it’s a blessing for me too, to apply for a job that I really want and I can’t wait.

   Of course, Lady E and I met through blogging, took us one year before we could finally meet and this lady sure holds a special place in my kitty heart. haha.

   My colleagues at work and my work station~

OB colleagues and work station



tagaytay trip


     I love  to travel, and I was so happy that M and I got the chance to travel for christmas for the first time. The first day was spent with our 2 good friends E and J. We had so much fun and it was truly memorable, I would still love to go back there, specially now that M has his own car already. Our friend E, was really sweet enough to give us a ride on the way to our hotel. So thank you~ Looking forward to more travels with my M and the engaged couple~


my boys

   Oh but of course CATS, I love cats, my boys Piccolo, tabby and the prodigal son Tigger, whose inside the plastic bag. haha. Piccolo is now with his new owner and is very well taken care of. Now, if only I was lucky enough to win the lotto, I’d definitely save all cats (somehow).



      FOOD! I love food, specially with my food trip buddy M. Above are a few of my favorite noms.




                                             MAKE-UP, enough said right?



              A few of my favorite desserts, I want that maple leaf cookie, it was really something, and sadly it was just given by a friend. I’m fine with Red mango and white hat. I love frozen yogurt and creamy cheesecake.




   I love games, before I met M, I’ve been playing games already, like pac-man, diablo I, arcade games, and super mario. M introduced me to Castlevania, and got addicted ever since. I have a long list of favorite games,  but I won’t post that here now.




   These are old photo’s well just a year old actually, ever since I started working on a night shift job, I rarely spend time with them on occasions. My little sister M and K.


   For the last one, I ‘d say GOD is a part of my life and Joyce Meyer. They keep me sane specially when I’m in need of guidance.

   These 10 things is not enough for you to really get to know me, but a glimpse. I hate fakers. Just come as you are and then let’s talk~


    Thank you to my new follower Ms. Kaye  for sharing the Picnik photo editor.


    Till then!




  1. nice post dear! :) thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures! :3

  2. I have to agree. I love to travel too (especially because I don't do it very often).

  3. very dramatic post. very nice. that is why i don't want movies or don't pay attention to anything that has emotional tangibility because i easily tear-eyed. gaya ng post mo teh, naiiyak akech.

  4. @john: pano naman naging dramatic post toh? hahaha~

    @chew on this: i know right~


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