Sunday, November 14, 2010

Muffins and a Date


   Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone is happy today!

   Yesterday was the sale at Megamall for the Nokia C6 and LG  Optimus prime, M said he isn’t impressed with the Nokia C6 at all but he says, he has to admit that for the LG Optimus, it is a good product and the sale came at a wrong time. We met up for breakfast after work, he picked me up at the office (awww) and chatted for a while with his other friends at work.

    It was a battle of where to eat between Chowking and Mcdonalds, and yes! we ended up eating at Mcdonald’s.

DSCN0400 DSCN0401                          The big breakfast meal

     I must say, I don’t get the difference with the big breakfast and the sausage mc muffin with eagg, it’s basically the same, but this one is a little bit pricier. The sausage mc muffin with egg, has the same ingredients, you can always ask your egg to be scrambled. So next time, I’ll go for that.

     The BF was craving for scramble that time so we went to food court where they have buz box. I don’t know but, the Manila scramble tastes much better. But for this one, it was okay.

DSCN0407 DSCN0408

 DSCN0409     I’m actually curious what kind of powder milk they use? hmmm.. 

     It has been a long week for me, and for my rest day, I intend to stay home and get all the rest that I need. But boy, my week ended well when I received a VERY GOOD email at work. It was good news indeed! Now I so can’t wait for Monday and I want this day over with ASAP! Haha! I’m going to go on a major haul this week, I’m also excited for December too!

      Here are a few pictures of my cats on a lazy weekend

DSCN0414                                               Piccolo

work mess

     I woke up around 5AM this morning, this little fellow really follows me where ever I go. He jumped in the table while I was working. 


    What are your plans for today?


   Till then!




  1. having said that your payday is on monday means that your payroll is a non-BPI bank. :)

    i was at the Mega too. but i wasn't planning to buy any of the two(LG and Nokia). i was there for the event.

  2. @cafe'mobility: for payroll yes it is a non BPI bank. I have a current savings account with them (personal), and now I'm switching to BPI sometime this year or early next year. Horrible experience with that bank and to think that their motto is we find ways. haha.

    Oh you were at Mega too? How's the event? did you do a coverage? If only I had the energy too see what's going on, I could've been there too.

  3. BDO? hahahaha. my ex is an Accountant slash Assistant Manager from BDO. baligtad pala tayo, my savings account is with BDO, my payrolls are at BPI and Chinabank.

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