Sunday, November 14, 2010

Product review: Lulur - Asian secrets


   This is a separate post for the lulur Asian secrets.


      I’ve been raving about this product ever since I bought it a week ago,  so here’s a decent product review for this particular product.


   This whitening scrub claims for it’s whitening effects, specially on dark stubborn spots. Personally, I’m all for whitening products and I used this all over my body. Another rave about it is the fragrance, it’s so good. It smells familiar, like I’ve smelled it somewhere or on someone before, which until now I am still figuring out.

  Now let’s get down to business, does this really whiten?

  The directions says, use daily, however for scrubs, you should only exfoliate at least twice a week, or it would leave your skin raw. I lathered the product in my problem areas, one of which are the elbows, it did lighten after a week or so.  But it seems to work for problem areas only. I tried exfoliating my whole body, but didn’t see any difference. Maybe it would take longer? I’m not sure. But at least it works for problem areas, like elbows, knees, neck or any other problem area you may have. I like that it maintains my fair complexion. I’m not totally fair but definitely not morena.  Even if it won’t or would take longer to whiten the whole body, I’d still use this product for exfoliating purposes. The grains are gentle enough to exfoliate the body and it leaves you a wonderful scent after shower. Which is a plus for me. The small tub is inexpensive too!

DSCN0379    If only it had that whitening power, it could’ve been a 2 thumbs up for me. I’m not sure how this will work with other complexion though, but I’m glad that I was not disappointed with this product. Even after the rave, I would still continue to use this for a long time.

In conclusion what makes this product a rave and a rant are the following:


  • Scent is really wonderful.
  • Small tub is inexpensive and can last you almost a month – depending on how you use it of course.
  • The grains are mild enough not to hurt the skin.
  • Works for problem areas


  • For full body scrub, I didn’t see any difference – might take a while
  • Effects may take longer for some


  My verdict: 4/5 kikay points


Till then!



  1. This sounds really promising! I'll give this a shot soon. :) This is available in Watson's right? :)

  2. @makeup, hauls, and anything under the sun: I hope it works for you too, looking forward for your review then.

    Yup available at Watson's

  3. the bf is now a body scrub addict ^_^

  4. @rhaindropz: haha, really? there's nothing wrong with it anyway. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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