Sunday, December 05, 2010

Product review: AVON ultra rich mega impact lipstick in Kicked up coral


   Lippie review…

    Having won Phoebe’ s contest (thank you soo much), I’ve been intrigued with AVON’s new ultra rich mega impact lipstick and my loot included 1 kicked up coral lipstick.

    I liked how it was newly designed, here are pictures:


DSCN0450  DSCN0454




   A reddish / coral-y orange color, the shimmer effect is visible but personally I like it. Staying power not so great. But this one I find highly pigmented, I think this is good for night wear. I find it too bright to wear in the morning (not that I am awake in the morning, haha).


    I wiped off the color and this is how it would look like when the lipstick is almost washed off from the lips.  I don’t know how much it cost since I got mine for free, but I would sure like to try the other colors like Pink pop and pumped it up peach.


   What I love about AVON is their make-up line, especially the lipsticks, maybe I’ll go to the megamall branch and check if they have the colors I want. But then, it competes with color scensational lippies too, oh what to buy? hehe.


Happy Weekend readers!


Till then!




  1. Bagay sa mga bampira yang kulay na yan.

  2. @Lady E: hahaha, loka! sige, pag balik ko sa Thursday ito ang lipstick na gagamitin ko, hahahaha.


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