Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Viral Infection in cats


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    Hello readers, hope you are all well. With the cold season, almost some are down with the cold, as for me, I had my check up due to a nasty cough and was diagnosed with viral infection. But now, it’s almost gone, sadly my beloved cat was also diagnosed with the same condition.

   Yesterday I was at panic because of a mishap that happened with my Tabby (he's the adopted stray cat that I adopted last year). The past few days I noticed he kept on sneezing a lot, but I didn't notice or thought it was something serious, since I am always busy with work and asleep in the morning I don't get to spend time with them, only during my rest days. But yesterday, when I got home he looked different and I noticed very watery eyes. I brought him to the vet and when we got there he looked terrible than ever, saliva build up around the mouth, due to the stress from the short tricycle drive to the vet. Had his check up and result was Viral infection. Which was funny because I am sick too and diagnosed with viral infection as well. But looking at him was not funny at all. I was really panicking, it was partly my fault, I didn't give him any shots before since my mom didn't want to spend money for my cats.

   The vet didn't say if it was worse already, but she gave him shots and some meds, now I really hope in 2 days he'll get well. I read that they can't eat for now since they can't smell food (blocks the sense of smell). I am reliant with the medicine and prayers that he'll be okay. I caged him for a while, and so with my other cat, prevention is better than cure. I'll only let them out when I'm around to keep an eye on them.

   Darn those cats upstairs! Like I said, if only I was the winner of the lotto I will rescue ALL stray cats and build them a home.


   Good thing there’s a nearby vet somewhere along Kalayaan Avenue Makati, as much as I wanted to have him confined, my budget doesn’t permit me to, so the vet advised some medications instead and have him caged. The lady vet seemed she knows what’s she’s talking about which is good. The clinic was nice and airconditioned too.

DSCN1036                                                            Dextrose powder



DSCN1038                                          My sick baby in terrible condition   

   Here’s a video I took from yesterday before going to the vet.


  Till then!



  1. Honestly hun, di ko malaman kung maaawa ako o matatawa ako eh. XD

  2. Oh, that's sad! I hope you and Tabby feel much better soon! :3

  3. @diobrando: your so heartless

    @Midge: thank you :)

  4. I don't know if this will work for your babies but this is what I do when they're sick. I open up one capsule of fern c and dissolve the vitamins in their water. Mom also mixes the powder in their food. When they're really sick, I dilute the powder of one capsule into about 2T of water and put it in a syringe (without needle) and force feed it into them 3x a day. It might sound brutal but it's not. In about 2-3 days, they're all better. Fern C has been a miracle drug for all my cats. I've read in a book that vitamin C really has a great potential to cure a lot of diseases.

    When they don't want to eat, I mash up sardines or wet food or put friskies in a bowl of water so that it will soften and mash that up and put it in a syringe and feed them. If you "shoot" the food correctly then they have no choice but to swallow. I have shared these methods with my officemates who are also cat owners and they said that it was effective. Of course, I'm not a vet and I'm not pretending to be one. I just found a method that works for me.

    You really have to take care of Tabby as he doesn't look so good. I'm not scaring you but I've had dozens and dozens of cats and I get really scared when they get the flu. If he doesn't eat for the next day or so, I suggest you force feed him. Cats can easily lose weight in 2 days. For some of my cats, I give them milk so that at least they still have some nutrition in their bodies. And milk is something that I don't need to force feed to them.

    Please keep me updated on Tabby's condition. I'll be praying for him as well as I know how hard this is for you. Give him all my love.

  5. hope you and kitty kitty will be ok.

  6. grabe talaga talent ni ladyE, even Dr Dolittle will be running out of commissioned.

  7. Kawawa naman si Tabby! Kumusta na siya?


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