Sunday, December 05, 2010

Product review: Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Mask


   One of my biggest problem aside from the oilies is dark circles and puffy eye bags, but when I saw the eye mask of Purederm online it got me intrigued. I asked my friend Lady E if she has seen this at the Watson’s counters, she made a review here.

   Anyway, so I had the chance to buy my own and test it out.

DSCN0522 DSCN0527

  This costs around P80+ for 30 sheets, not bad actually.



DSCN0542   How the actual product looks like. One trick I did was, before putting the mask I put it inside the fridge to let it cool for 2 minutes.  

       This is me before I put on the mask, bare face.

eye problem

                         Problem area:  lines and some sort of white spots

eye mask   The mask is pretty big, and once applied it leaves a cold feeling in the under eye which is good. Direction says, leave on for 15-20 minutes, you’ll know when it’s done once the mask is dry, where all the formulation is seeped in the under eye.

   It doesn’t say how many times you can use it for, but personally, I’d use this everyday. I didn’t experience any itching, but some of the residue went in my eye and it made me tear a bit.

    By the way, Purederm products are made from Korea


    My dark circles were still dark but the puffiness did lessen which is good. For   lines and dark circles, maybe it would take time to see the effects, but I’m glad my puffy eye bags lessened.

In conclusion…


  • Inexpensive P80+ for 30 sheets – is not bad
  • instant result for de-puffing the eye bags
  • my friend Lady E has sensitive skin and this worked for her, so safe to say it’s good for all skin types.
  • resealable packaging


  • Getting the sheets were sometimes hard
  • Results may vary
  • For dark circles maybe it would take a while to see visible effects


My Verdict? 3.8/5 kikay points

I read about Le Mer eye cream but that is waayy over, beyond the fence in my budget, haha. From 6000 to P80.00++ I’d go with the inexpensive one, if it works for de puffing, then it’ good enough for me.

So far, I am loving the purederm masks I recently hauled, will make a review about it soon.


Till then!




  1. I haven't tried their sheet-type masks, so your review comes in handy. I actually use Purederm's paste/scrub-type masks on a regular basis with great results.

  2. @Midge: Interesting, so if the one you have now works as well as the sheet masks then it is so a worth the buy.


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