Monday, January 24, 2011

Beauty talk: Maybelline’s Color sensational in Soft Azallea review


   I remember the brand FASIO waaay back, and I think they no longer have it at Rustan’s anymore (no idea why though). I loved  the red coral lipstick, after then I couldn’t find a red lipstick that I could wear, that is, until I found Maybelline’s Soft Azallea. Mom gave me this lippie a few months ago, after trying and loving it, I’m definitely buying one soon.

   On my lips looks like a soft pink shade but more on the red (but not bloody red) on actual

DSCN1783   DSCN1785  DSCN1787

  Here’s a swatch:



My thoughts about it?


  • Inexpensive
  • gives a matte finish
  • lasts me in about 3-6 hours (drank coffee and ate, still here as I’m typing at this moment)
  • as swatched in my palm it looks pinkish but when applied in my lips looks red.


  • I can’t seem to think of any – haha!


   My tip:

     Normally, I first use lip balm, then put 1 layer of the soft azallea evenly in my lips. Right after, I blot it with tissue paper then re-apply 1 layer again. This way (in my case that is) it lasts longer.

   And here’s me with my favorite lippie


DSCN1781                                             Definitely L-O-V-E this shade!

    What’s your favorite red lipstick? I’m curious ^_^


    Till then!




  1. I love how it looks - and the color is right on with the color of the year: bright honeysuckle!

    I'm not much of a lipstick fan, but I adore the cherry-flavored lip plumper from The Face Shop and Maybelline lip stains.

  2. @Lady E: Oo, winner ang lipstick!

    @Midge: I love it too. Cherry flavored lip plumper from the face shop? I'll check it out.


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