Monday, January 24, 2011

Beauty talk: Revlon just bitten review


  Before I start writing down a beauty review, I didn’t realize that it has been 1 year of me blogging. It’s actually way past my anniversary which was on January 18, 2010. So yeah, happy anniversary to me. haha!

   Moving on, in my recent contest prize courtesy of Lauren, I’ve had the chance to own the Revlon just bitten and here’s my review about it.

    When I first applied it on my bare lips dry, it hurt a lot. But sometimes, even with lip balm it still hurts upon application. Closer look of the pen


    What I like about it is that, it gives a natural sheen of color in your lips, compared to a stain, like herbench’s pretty when pinched lip and cheek stain. I’d prefer the just bitten result it gives, if not only for the mahapdi feeling.

DSCN1789 DSCN1795

   I have 3 colors of the just bitten, passion, gothic and frenzy. I gave the gothic to my friend since it doesn’t suit me. Even the frenzy is a tad too dark as well, thankfully the passion just suits me fine.

   What I like about the just bitten is that at then end of the pen mark, comes with a free lip balm. Unfortunately, mine met an accident. Want to see what happened?

DSCN1793        I accidently broke the lip balm, gaaah! good thing I have another one. 


  And below is me wearing just the passion – just bitten with the lip balm (no lipstick)


   My thoughts about it?


  • gives a natural stain lip color
  • comes with a lip balm
  • over a lip stain like liquid stain, I’d prefer this one anytime of the day
  • staying power fairly good, at the end of the day, the color blends well giving me a pinkish lip effect.
  • for me, I  need to apply 3 layers for the color to really pop out.


  • application hurts most of the time
  • I wish the balm end can be retracted, after what happened with my passion, I always make sure to be careful when putting back the cap.
  • I’m not sure if I should write this down as a con but what the heck, hehe. I noticed even with other stains, the lip color appears different from my upper and lower lip, same goes with this.

  My tip:

     Applying this bare naked on lips does not work for me, so what I usually do is, pat on some powder on my lips (make sure dry), then swipe a little bit of my carmex lip balm, from there I apply 3 layers/coats of the passion for the color to show. I also use this a base for my lipstick as well.

     I’d definitely buy the passion again, but not anytime soon though. For the price of  P595, I think it’s a good buy, since I’m all for lip stains.


Till then!



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