Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Personal care: re-stocking haul


    Hello readers, how are you all doing? Yesterday, I was able to finally re stock on my basic needs, so for this haul I call it my re-stocking haul.

DSCN2048   dental floss, eskinol ageless sachet packs, the new pantene nature care (shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatment), feminine wash and kleenex oil blotting film.

    I noticed there are 3 brands of shampoo that I regularly buy, sunsilk (pink or green), head and shoulders (yellow) – for summer, l’oreal re-nutrition shampoo.

DSCN2072                                   Air freshener for the room and tissue for work


                                       Because I’m curious and it’s new~ lol   

And of course, I never forget the kitteh

DSCN2071                       Also bought cans of friskies, but got tired of taking pictures.


    I’m happy with my re-stocking haul, it would last me a month, at least I could save, so here’s how it looks like.

DSCN2062                                                         Random stuff inside DSCN2060

    I love this little “dresser” mom gave me

DSCN2069 DSCN2067

    I’ll let you take a peek on what’s inside

    On the top

DSCN2064                  Random stuff like keys, hair clips and my pink gummy head set

     And below…

      mixed up make up, consists of blushes, eye brow kit, compact powder, bb cream, sophie magic cream and samples from ellana


   Nothing really fancy but a humble dresser.

   What do you usually re stock on? I’m so curious, or maybe you can also blog about it? Let’s share our ka- kikayan, hehe ^_^


  Till then!




  1. oh my gosh! i re-stock on a lot! sige, I'll blog about it. Ang dami ko na ngang utang sa iyong blog posts!

    That dresser is so adorable!

  2. @lady e: im sure you do, and im curious what you re-stock on, will wait for your post then. thanks :)

    Oo, na mimiss ko na posts mo


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