Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine’s day~ a wonderful surprise


    Please excuse the cheeziness or what not, it just so happens that I was completely caught off guard with M today.

    This morning I was really feeling sick already and decided not to go to work, but there was something wrong with our electricity and I have no freaking idea why. Sleeping was a pain, so I woke up early in my usual waking hours before I go to work. My alarm goes on around 7:30PM but I woke up around 6PM, showered and while I was drying my hair, my 2 nephews shouting and running to the room saying that M was at the gate. I was like WHAT? O__O  or just like this


   Yes that’s how exactly I looked like, haha. So yes, we celebrated Valentine’s day together. I was in a rush, that I just put on powder, blush on and lip balm, my hair was still wet when I went out (which I hate by the way – I don’t really like going out with wet hair), but then M asked me out and it was the sweetest. I was craving for KFC double down “burger” so we ate at a near by branch in my place.

    So now, we have a pre and during valentine’s date together. First visiting the sick kitty (me), treated me out for dinner and giving me a gift too. I love it! and no it’s not red roses, haha – but something better, will post the picture of the gift soon.

     I will be making a separate food review of the double down, but here’s our pre and during valentine’s day photo

valentine's day 2011   l-r: at food choices makati feb 13, the actual valentine’s day at KFC makati


       How was your valentine’s day?


      Till then!



  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you feel better soon :)

  2. @kate: thanks kate! much appreciated. I sure do hope so~ Happy Valentines day to you too~

  3. So sweet! Happy day of hearts! :)

  4. @Kari: thank you, happy hearts to you too


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