Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playing MUA to my “little” sister


  Hey there everyone! It’s so freaking hot today, well, almost everyday actually.

  I have work later tonight, and I had spare time to think of doing something worth while. So, my sister went in my room just to chat and look at the little kittens too. Then I said, hey, want me to do your make up? She doesn’t really wear make-up except for special occasions. By the way, she’s my “little” sister, 20 years old, taller and thinner than me. Haha!

  So here’s my attempt in being a “MUA” for the day. I thought of just using neutral colors for her eye shadow, but when I asked if she’s going out with her “date” I decided to play with colors. She was wearing pink leggings and a pink bonnet.

 Products used were:

Revlon photo ready foundation, Sephora 5-in-1 palette, MAC in hot gossip, in2it foundation powder, maybelline cat mascara, UDPP, NAKED palette in naked as base, maybelline felt tip liner


            I used the 3 green shimmer shadows  except the matte one.


  The lighting in my room is really bad so forgive me if the colors don’t appear as they should.






      It was fun doing her make-up and it sure was unexpected. It’s not perfect, but it was fun, bonding with the sister too.

   Oh by the way, here’s another kitty home video I took with the 3 kittens. The last voice you’ll be hearing in the video is me being lameass, haha.

Home video–kitten panting


     I’ll be cooling off later in Razon’s Galleria~


    Till then!




  1. your sister is really pretty! <3 you did an amazing job dear! =)

  2. It's fun when you have a sister who's always game for a makeup experiment. haha! The green shadows are pretty. And cute kittens!

  3. you're so lucky you have a sister! :)

    followed your blog :)

  4. @sugar: awww thanks dear ^_^

    @catmare: it is totally, yeah I loved the colors too.

    @makeup, hauls and anything under the sun!: i'd have to agree, it can be fun and crazy at the same time too. haha.

    aww, thanks dear~

  5. Sis, you are now starting to become one...more work of art...

  6. kala ko pa naman Iza Calzado, sister mo pala.

  7. wala ka bang "Playing Santa to my Friends" post?

  8. @john: hahaha, wala kang magawa noh?


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