Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dining out at Marciano’s


       My good friend (Lady E) and I , met again yesterday. As you all know, Lady E is the bazaar queen and she needed some extra hand for yesterday’s bazaar, of course I couldn’t turn her down and I had nothing better to do that day anyway. It’s also good to spend more time with her, since I used to rarely go out with her at the time I still had work as a night shift employee. Our usual meeting place is at Rustan’s, since she always has business to do there. After which, she brought me to Greenbelt 3, Marciano’s. It was her treat, super thanks sister dear.


   We were the first customers to dine in. I love the ambiance as it has a very romantic feel, dim lights and lush furnitures.

    E had the Tenderloin and prawn P549 we both chose the roasted garlic rice as our side dish.




   I had the pork and steak something P548, as usual I love my steak medium rare~

    I liked it, the sausage was okay. It tasted like the sausage we buy at Santi’s. The steak was okay too. I can’t seem to say anything more than “it’s just okay”. Besides, I haven’t tried most of their food yet. But if we do, I’m trying the pizza and pasta. Hope M will bring me here in one of our special dates. I managed to finish my plate, and for the price, I think it’s worth it. Their mashed potatoes are good though, E ordered an extra mash potato and shared it with me. I wasn’t able to take a picture though, but I love it!

C360_2011-06-15 12-56-29_org

   After lunch, we headed to La Salle – Taft for the bazaar, today is the open house, so if you by chance are in the area, please do visit us.



     Till then!





  1. this resto is one of Marvin Agustin's restos.

  2. masarap ba yung pork teh? hindi ba matigas?

  3. @john: ah okay, thanks. As for the steak, medyo matigas siya. Pero compared to flavor sa racks, this one is better, matigas lang. Di ba dapat malambot ang steak??

  4. depende yan teh, may mga parts na matigas, may mga varieties na matigas. you could have asked if it's CAB or USDA certified. pagkumakain ako ng steak, dapat T-Bone or Porterhouse. but steak should be softer and juicier than pork. matigas talaga karneh ng baboy.


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