Friday, June 17, 2011

Tech talk: Complete review of Samsung Galaxy Ace


   Hello everyone, for today’s post I finally have a decent review of my Samsung Galaxy ACE.    

   Inside are the following:


   The unit phone, comes with 2 back covers one in black and white. The black cover is much more nicer because it has a rubbery matte texture, while the white one is a glossy type. As soon as I bought the phone, I had an ishield and jelly case installed, which is why I wasn’t able to take a picture of the back part. Also comes with, a quick start guide, 2 discs / drivers (which you will need) Samsung Kies, usb cable, memory card adaptor, headset (not in the picture) and a charger.


    After hunting at every store (literally we went to each store one by one) at Cyberzone, Megamall, we found a competitive price for P13, 750. Eventually, the screen protector and jelly case that came with the package deemed useless since I bought another case and a screen protector.



    At first glance, it looks like an Iphone, if you remember sometime in April about Apple suing Samsung for having copied the Iphone’s design. Copied or not, the ACE sets apart from design’s of a low end Samsung android phones. It has 2 touch menus when illuminated for menu option and back option.

     Compared to low end android phones of Samsung, it has a 3.5 screen with     320 x 480 screen resolution. It may not look as sharp as, for example a 4th gen Itouch but almost comparative or close.

       It comes with a few apps and widget for you to use. Here’s mine





        3 DSCN3488

        And then you can customize it in the home screen just by touching the image for a few seconds and then dragging it in the home screen.




       The battery life is average, using live wallpapers eats up the battery, which makes it last for half the day. I was able to find cute live wallpapers like sakura flowers, glitters but I had to sacrifice cuteness over longevity. Which is why I’m using a plain black wallpaper. I’m still looking for hello kitty wallpapers though. Another tip is to set the display to the lowest setting, and always turn off the GPS (when not needed). During the first few days, my GPS was always on, display setting was 50% and I had the live wallpaper, no wonder why I always end up low battery.



        There are 4 icons below – calls, contact, sms and home. I will show you how the call feature looks like.


        After dialing, you can choose from dialer or skype. The ACE does not support the video call from skype as compared to the Itouch and maybe the Iphone? But it’s better than none.



        I love the touch, M hates it. At first it was quite difficult to text just by using the qwerty touch feature, but eventually I got used to it. The phone also features an auto rotate. You can also customize how the threaded conversation looks like (message skin). I chose the gloss type, but you can choose from default, edge, sticky note and memo.

           Here’s how texting will look like


                                                                    Normal view


                                                                   Auto rotate




      Phone book / Contacts

           My facebook was synced with my phone book, so now I can see some of my friend’s number that is not in my list. Take for example my blogger friend J, haha~ contacts

        I also like the drop down feature for my notifications, just scroll up to go back.  DSCN3522


    For the camera junkies out there, here’s what you can expect. It has a 5MP camera with LED flash, which comes with different scene modes. It also has an auto focus so you don’t have to worry about blurry photos, not unless of course if you have shaky hands. Refer to picture below




     If you’re not content with the scene modes, you can always download apps from the android market. I’m using the camera 360, which has different effects like lomo, japanese and a whole lot more.

    Sample photos:

2011-06-08 00.23.12

2011-06-09 12.05.58

2011-06-11 14.28.09


    I’ve already posted the phone’s specs so I won’t be posting that anymore.

   My Verdict:

       After all the android phones that I said I wanted, from the Huawei Ideos, LG Optimus Me, I ended up with a much better Android phone. It suits my needs perfectly well. If you notice that I didn’t talk about the gaming feature well, it’s pretty good. But I don’t really use it for gaming since I have to consider the battery life. I’ve only tried playing angry birds, squash vs. zombies, and speaking of games (medyo sumesegue) M’s company is currently making a game for the android, I was their game tester the other day, although there were still a few bugs that needed to be polished it just might be ready soon. I’ll be making a review of that, anyway, going back to my verdict. The ACE is perfect for those who want an upgrade android device that won’t hurt your wallet. It may have a few shortcomings but this phone deems worthy.


       Till then!





  1. pareho talaga tayo ng taste teh, i used to have a case like this on my old iPhone 3GS.

  2. look... we almost have the same phone... bwahahaha...

  3. i noticed that you have Foursquare too? so saan ka na nagiging mayor dyan.

  4. @john: uy nice, pareho nga, pero pink sa akin.

    haha, it does look the same noh? only mine's slightly thicker. haha.

    yup i have foursquare, wala pa eh. i'm just new to it pa lang, I accepted your friend request. weee~ ikaw mayor ka na ba somewhere?

  5. great review sis! i got an iphone 4 because you said i should get it instead of a samsung unit haha! :)

  6. di pa... grabeh yung mga mayor, sobrang gala.

  7. some things i love about my Galaxy S Captivate are:

    1) SNS services, i can go to the page and it displays even if you're offline

    2) the contacts can be linked to their email addresses and social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter, so if you view one contact, you can already see their Facebook profile pic

    3) Synchronization services, syncs email and social networking accounts

    4) and yeah, i can use it as UMS(universal mass storage) device without going into some app(like iTunes) to download my files

    5) i can download apps directly from Android Market, and i don't need an account that requires credit card info

  8. sorry ha. i just looked at the photos. wala talaga akong gana magbasa ng tech reviews. i just ask MB to do the research for me. wahahaha!

  9. How did you change the fonts po? Just bought this phone kanina... Ayos pa po ba for you ngayon? :) Thanks

  10. @chichay tanseco♥: Hello, just go to the settings and then it's either in the display or check mo yung sa message settings, you will see 2 options for fonts 1 is default font then yung 2nd is download fonts, just click that.

    yup, mine is okay parin. why?

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