Sunday, July 10, 2011

Country Style pasta and other things


   So yesterday I was out somewhere in Makati, I was an hour early and good thing across the building, was Starbucks and Country style, when I saw free wifi at Country style I decided to eat there instead and wait for my appointment so to speak. It was perfect timing too since I’ve been dying to try out their spaghetti which was recommended by a fellow blogger.


  The place downstairs was quite small, I didn’t know there was a second floor until I needed to look for a restroom. It was much colder there and the chairs reminded me of a country styled home.


    I had their pasta combo meal, at that time there was no bread, but originally the meal comes with bread. The combo meal costs P80 with drinks.


    The sauce was almost close to tasting like Pancake House’s best seller meat pasta, but it lacks something which I couldn’t point my finger or rather tongue to.  The noodles was obviously over cooked. For the price I couldn’t really complain much, as for the taste it was just okay.It could have been better, it just lacks some sort of spice. It was topped with a generous amount of cheese. I’m not ranting on it too much really, since I wasn’t expecting anyway. I’ll give it a second chance in another branch to see if there’s a difference.



   And because I had no updates via my email, I decided to camwhore while waiting. hehe~

2011-07-09 12.54.42

2011-07-09 12.55.22

    Surprisingly, I finished early and it was a good thing that it was near my house. I decided to drop off  Shopwise Makati to buy some “comfort” food (Po-ku instant noodles and a small pack of chips ahoy-yum). I never fail to visit the pet section to see if there is something new for the kitties and saw this.

2011-07-09 15.32.29

                                            I want to try the silky show variant~


      As soon as I reached the cashier, the rain was pouring really hard, and my pretty little white shoes got wet. FAIL~ And when I got home, look what I found

2011-07-08 21.31.33-1

      Erm, excuse the mess. The little boy was “talking” with another cat outside. He couldn’t go out because it was raining, so he decided to make noises indoors. LOL!


    Have you tried Country Style’s spaghetti? do you like it? share~


    Till then!





  1. hahahaha! natawa naman ako kay Tabby. Nakikipag chismisan sa bintana. :))

  2. tabby talking to a cat outside, so cute. i'm imagining the conversation. (Tabby: no, i can't go out today, sorry, it's raining. Other Cat: sige na!)

  3. @catmare: hahaha, oo nga eh, sobrang tawang tawa ako when I got home.

    @salmoncat: you should have seen and heard him, it was not the usual meow which made it sooo funneh~

  4. teka lang sis ha! let me count the ways:

    1. buti sa country style ka mismo nag order kasi ung mga kanin meals dyan ay mahalia.

    2. sana lumakad ka pa ng konti tapos kumanan ng ayala at pumasok sa glass door na may red and green na banner. nakalagay blessings & prosperity. Matatagpuan mo kami ng Diosa.

    3. Chismoso ang ket mo. Parang mga ket ko. pero at least hindi scandaloso!

  5. @E: Wala ako sa mood mag rice that time, but na lang nga. haha.

    sayang, wala rin akong gagawin after, ahahaha.

    chismoso kets natin~

  6. i like their spaghetti. you should have tried their Heavenly Ham sandwich and Frankfurter w/ toast! :D their cappuccino muffin is so good too.

  7. @ [pinkc00kies]: I will try their heavenly ham next time, my favorite is their sunriser! yum~


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