Sunday, July 10, 2011

A one of a kind Cassava cake and my “new” tripod


   Food post… Cassava~

   Buddy’s cassava is good, but I’m not really a fan of desserts like this one. Last night my mom brought home a one of a kind cassava cake, her friend made it and they have a shop somewhere in San Juan. What’s makes it appealing for me? Refer to photos below…




    They are so soft and looks like little Crème Brûlée’s noh?




    It has that Crème Brûlée’s consistency (slight), and it’s much softer as compared to Buddy’s. Buddy’s and Cassava crème royal are both different in their own ways. I may not be a huge cassava dessert fan but this one is worthy in my list.

    Cassava crème royal says:

      Experience the countryside in this traditional recipe of homemade goodness. A high-enery booster, Cassava Creme Roy prepared is distinctly prepared from farm-fresh superior quality cassava root crops, cultivated organically in Southern Luzon, where tropical sunshine rests idealy for growing cassava.

      With its delightful mouthwatering quick melt double cream topping, Cassava Creme Royal truly an idyllic companion for soda, juice drinks, tea or coffee. Proudly Filipino!


     I can’t wait to eat this tomorrow, I’m still so full from tonight’s dinner – Mechado.


      Cassava cake anyone?


     Oh by the way, I just wanted to share with you my new tripod

C360_2011-07-10 15-41-48_org

    I was taking a video of my nephew’s, what goes on during our weekends at home. This tripod isn’t new really, it’s my mom’s. But since she’s not using it, I arbor-d it instead, yahoo. LOL!

C360_2011-07-10 15-42-04_org



      Till then!





  1. cassava cake looks good nga! :) I like Buddy's too.. we buy one in Paranarue too (Nerison's Cassava Cake) and it's yummy din. Bigat lang kainin :)

  2. @[pinkc00kies]: it's prepared differently. buddy's is good rin, soft spongey. I see, for a dessert yes mabigat masyado.

  3. cute tripod! I think I saw a similar one crom CDR-King. :)

  4. my brother has a similar tripod. Maarbor nga rin para parehas tayo.

  5. @catmare: thanks, buti na lang pink. hehe. Yes they have similar ones at CD-R king

    @salmoncat: oh, nice! arbor mo na para pareho na rin tayo, weeee~

  6. i love cassava cakes! kahit ano, basta cassava... i wanna try all these brands youve mentioned... soon talaga. :)

  7. @ Gita Asuncion: wow, cassava cake fan? hehe. Try buddy's first. The creme royal i don't know where exactly lang

  8. i remember when i was a li'l kid, medyo mahirap ba buhay nun, so my mom sometimes surprised us with tomatoes saying it's an apple, and cassava cake saying it's a pizza. she even calls it pizza pie, before.

    pati tripod mo, pink pa rin? bwahahaha :)

  9. Kitten, where is Buddy's??? ill go look for it... :)

  10. @john: wa ako ma say, i literally laughed hard. but that was cute, tomatoes with salt are good, i sometimes make papak. haha. Pizza pie talaga? hehe~

    Oo, dapat lahat PINK! wahahahaha

    @gita: The branches I know are along Kalayaan Avenue, before you hit reposo. Or, they also have buddy's at Glorietta 5

  11. wow cassava cake, yum yum yum!
    btw, where did you get the gorilla pod? hm?
    want to get one, and i've been searching for that too.. good for travel noh?


  12. @Diane: the gorilla pod, I have no idea sis eh, soweee. It was my mom's, she wasn't using it so I got it from her. hehe~ it sure is, can't wait to bring this with me when travelling.

    I'll see if I can find gorillapod's sa mall. Will let you know~

  13. thanks for the tip. we will try to find it. yum!

  14. sosyal na cassava cake! I want a tripod too! But I'll buy a new cam first.

  15. sis! i found it! i was able to buy the Budin of Buddy's last weekend sa Market Market. they have a branch there. masarap nga sha. very fine ang texture. thanks for the tip. will blog about this soon, too. mwah!

  16. @E: haha, let me know what camera you'll buy ha?

    @Gita: uy nice, glad you liked it, medyo sticky ang texture niya, tapos I like the top part. I can't wait for your review. Thanks~ hugs*


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