Sunday, July 03, 2011

Mr. Kimbob and BBQ King


      Craving for Korean food? like Bibimbap? but don’t want to spend more than P200 pesos? Mr. Kimbob is the perfect solution! I’ve seen this place since last year at SM Makati, but wasn’t able to try it, hesitant maybe? Yes I was, (until I read Midge’s review about it), I have been following Midge’s blog for quite a while now, and we seem to have the same preference when it comes to our choice of food. I was really glad that she was able to try Mr. Kimbob first, and when she gave a heads up, of course I tried it out myself.

       You can choose from Dakgogi bibimbap (pork) and the beef one. I had the beef one for only P95 pesos only add 25 for kimchi rice instead of plain rice.



2011-07-02 12.55.01

    So if I’m craving for bibimbap but on a budget, this is a worthy place. The plate is sizzling hot and the kimchi rice is really yummy. Most ingredients are somehow the same with Kaya which is a good thing. I did not have high expectations with Mr. Kimbob, but it is definitely worth trying out.

     M tried out the BBQ stall…



    Their pork BBQ was nice, If I remember it well this was around P60 or P70 pesos only for 2 sticks of pork BBQ. Simple, tasted like regular pork BBQ, the kalamansi (philippine lemon) was kind of strong. There’s nothing much to say about this, but still fills up the tummy real good. M liked it.

2011-07-02 12.55.38

                                         Tokyo tokyo’s red ice tea is yum~



           Till then!






  1. the only korean food i eat is jap chae, bulgogi and bbq :D

  2. where is bibimbap located at. parang Sizzling Steak and PepperLunch yung style nila.

  3. @pinkcookies: i love bulgogi~

    @john: you can find it at sm makati food court. yup pareho sila

  4. I'm glad you liked the bibimbap at Mr. Kimbob. ;)

  5. @midge: i do, but the BF loves it even more, he says he can eat this everyday. LOL!

    Thanks for making a review~


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