Thursday, July 14, 2011

Randomness on a Thursday + how my day starts~


    Hey everyone, today is an exciting week for me, but I can’t divulge on why, but eventually I will share it with you soon okay? I received an email last night that made me giddy and excited.

    I was out today, and it made me realize that it’s much more fun being alone so you can get to go to different stores and take your time without having to worry if you’re companion is getting bored. I wanted to make a “what goes on a usual day” video, but my digital camera doesn’t have that auto focus thing so instead, I captured photo’s on what goes on a usual day for me.

     My routine every morning is wash my face first and gargle water, then if Tabby is not beside me, I always look for him just to make sure he’s okay since he tends to wander outdoors at night. After, I start off with my favorite instant coffee

DSCN3727                           Kopiko brown coffee

   Is LOVE! I’m not a fan of Nescafe’s brown coffee, but I still drink it anyway when It’s the only stock in the cupboard. Next up is breakfast, we usually have rice, but for today it’s KoKo Krunch cereal. Eating cereal is the only reason why I would drink milk.


    The laptop and internet is a vital part and is one thing I cannot live without, when I’m just home I spend 3-5 hours online right after breakfast. I always check either on my phone or laptop if I have any important emails for the day.




   I had to leave early this morning, outfit for the day is semi formal. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes for me to prepare from shower, dressing up, fixing my hair and doing my make-up (Lols at estimated time, haha~).


                         Black denim leggings I’m loving from Flattering Tops~



               All my make-up is on this bag as I don’t have my own dresser yet

     I was just around Makati earlier this morning, it was still early and I didn’t want to go home yet so I decided to visit my HAVEN = Watson’s. I was craving for Turk’s but it wasn’t ready yet when I tried to order. I ended up eating at Mr. Kimbob and tried their Kimbab with Ice tea.




        Kimbab for P70

   Of course, it’s fast food, you are getting for your money’s worth in terms of filling up the tummy. I didn’t expect much, I guess I just wanted to be feel full instead of being satisfied. The beef used was the same as the Bibimbap I ordered before, but it was so little that there were more rice (short grain). The sauce tasted bland, but then again I am not complaining.




    I was still frustrated that I wasn’t able to find the Olay age defying bar, and I was so happy to see fresh stocks today. Before buying I made rounds to see what’s new on the make-up section and saw this. This is my lemming, I sooooo want to try these.

2011-07-14 11.40.33

                                              ELF eyelid primer P400

2011-07-14 11.40.23

                                          ELF Face Primer P300

     I also found these…

2011-07-14 11.36.09

2011-07-14 11.34.25

    I wish they made grown up Hello Kitty tooth brushes, I would seriously buy them.

   I thought it’s the rainy season already, but it was back from the usual hot weather we have, I took a cab going home and noticed that the taxi drivers were listening to the same station (on my way to Dusit Thani, the driver was listening to the same station – PCSO scandal). Anyway, I took pictures of the vicinity of Makati.

2011-07-14 11.49.06

2011-07-14 11.50.05

2011-07-14 11.49.31

2011-07-14 11.54.25

2011-07-14 12.00.41

    Actually, aside from being stuck in traffic, the reason why I was taking pictures was because I’m looking for inspirations on the task I have to do (which will be explained soon). I was also taking pictures of myself, I hope manong driver didn’t feel too awkward about it, hehe. For my eye make-up, I just kept it simple by wearing neutral colors since I didn’t want to look so exaggerated.


                              The colors are washed off because of the lighting~

2011-07-14 12.02.04

    For lunch this is what I had….



                    Lily’s – a locally made peanut butter which IMHO is THE BEST!


    I really didn’t buy much, just a bar of soap and some hair treatment…

2011-07-14 12.16.28

2011-07-14 12.17.13

2011-07-14 12.18.08


    That’s about it! Highlight? I want to try the ELF primers if they are good for everyday use, as well as the face primer. I now know the price of the Cover girl Lash Blast mascara, which is at P575 only, which is next on my mascara list.

     Oh and if you were wondering where I found Tabby this morning? Look…

2011-07-13 18.18.50

        All dirty.. tsk tsk. Today was his scheduled bath day, sorry baby but you really need one badly, haha!


         If you like to share anything, type away in the comment section okay? Smile



      Till then!





  1. hindi mo ako napansin na tumawid sa park square? hahaha. just kidding.

    grabeh, hindi talaga mawal sa balat ng babae ang katagang "shopping" noh? bawat labas, may bitbit talaga kahit isa o dalawang items.

  2. I also love Kopiko way better than Nescafe Brown... :)

    the latter seems so artificial tasting to me, i don't know why

    But i do love my barakong kape.. kaw sis? di mo type kapeng barako?

    And i love your cat's photo.
    owned by two cats too.. :)

    more posts.. been following your blog for a while now, and i'm loving your kwentos a lot

  3. I love this entry! In LJ I used to follow this community called "A Day In My Life" and people took pics from the moment they woke up until they went to bed. It was really interesting :)

  4. thank you for sharing how your day was with us dear! :)

    tabby is such a cutie! :3

  5. @john: hahaha, were you at makati yesterday ba?

    oo, so true, kahit isa or dalawa we end up buying something talaga.

    @belle: I'm not a fan of kapeng barako.

    aww, thanks. Oh cool! another cat lover, Haha, sige will do my best regarding posts. Thanks for following my blog.

    @kari: uy thanks. hehe, it was just random. I'll come up with another related post next time. I hope you make one too. I like reading and watching the latter.

    @sugar: welcome and thanks~ :)

  6. hi dearest Kate!you had a full day!i'm so craving for that kimbop!is it a korean fast food? naku i should eat there!!!!how do you like your olay bar so far? natawa ako sa comment ni cafe mobility...hihihihi

  7. Gumala ang ket.

    Chismis naman?

    I want that elf primer!!!!! Buy tayo!

  8. Oh, dear. Tabby doesn't look too happy about bath day!

    As for instant coffee, I suggest you try the new white coffee by Great Taste and Vanilla Latte by Good Day. :)

  9. @Timeless Confection: Hi Ms. Kaye, sorry I replied uber late. Yes it's a korean fast food. I love my olay bar as always. hehe~

    ay nako, super nakakatawa minsan mag comment yan si john. ahahahaha~

  10. @E: gustong gumala pero malakas ulan. I want the primer too~

    @midge: he's never happy on bath days

    uy nice, thanks for the recommend, will try that.

  11. peanut butter on toasted bread. I LOVE!! :D


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