Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dining out with John and Yoko

    Our friend R, recommended we try John and Yoko at Greenbelt, it’s actually my first time.

DSCN1899 DSCN1900

  I know this place is owned by celebrity Marvin Agustin, correct me if I’m wrong. Ambiance wise was definitely chic and modern.




 For ice tea, they have 3 different kinds, green, blue and red ice tea which costs P110 bottomless. I forgot which one is the calamansi and so on, but the red ice tea was fairly okay.   


  For our food, since we are 8 people our friend suggested we try the group platter, the only group platter that I remembered which we ordered is the: there goes my diet, which costs around P1500+ there’s another one, but I forgot the name, price was almost the same. I say, it’s worth it for a group. Presentation wise, it was unique.




 This is the first platter with different angles. I was far from this platter so I asked M to take a picture.
   I wasn’t able to take a picture of the 2nd platter which was near me, haha! coincidence huh? So here’s a few photos I took

DSCN1914    DSCN1915  
  The yakisoba was good, it was on the sweet side. I love the chorizo on top, definitely worthy of 2nd order. The BF and his best friend J, described it as, parang ulam, kulang na lang kanin. Haha!


 Can you see how pink and fresh the tuna sashimi looks? it definitely tastes fresher (probably a higher grade of tuna), I can see there’s no litid or white parts in between the fish which is good.

DSCN1918 DSCN1919

  I wanted to stay more for crazy and interesting chit chats with them, but sadly, I have work. Until next time.
   Before I forget, our total bill cost us P3000 divided by 8 = 375.
  While eating we saw the celebrity couple Ms. Anna bell Rama and his Husband Mr. Gutierrez, it was a sight. Could’ve been more interesting if Ms. Ruffa was there, hehe. The prices of John and Yoko was okay, it’s a good place for celebrations, that is if it’s only the BF and me who will be dining there.
  I don’t get it why the meat that was served to us was a little warm, the only hot food I ate was the rice. But no complaints really, everything tasted just okay, but then there are other things to try in the menu. Definitely, do try out their group platter, it’s so sulit.

Till then!



  1. Next time you go there, try their Japaella - amazing rice!

  2. even at sumo sam, the food is lukewarm

  3. i've been here too, but i think i still like the SumoSam better.

    Marvin has been operating lots of restos nowadays. he also own the Marciano's at Greenbelt 3 and Oyster Boy at wherever. :)

  4. @Midge: I researched on that japaella, looks yummy, maybe when and if we go back will definitely try that out. Thanks for the reco

    @Lady e: ah talaga? isn't that weird? I hate lukewarm meals

    @john: Interesting. He's one busy man.

  5. It does look interesting ha. I might give it a shot when I finally lose this unwanted bulges here and there.

  6. sana nga may karatula na nagbabadya na lukewarm mga pagkain nila para magdalawa nalang tayo ng microwave na USB powered. :)

  7. yes, he is but i am not really a fan of Marvin's restaurants. i am more into Rob Pengson and Rob Goco.

  8. @john: I think kikufuji is better, hehe. No offense but I hate to be served lukewarm food, does it have service charge? I wasn't able to look into the bill, if there is, it really sucks.

  9. Kikufuji is my best ramen house so far, followed by Ramen Bar.

  10. hi kitten, you've tasted several sashimis na from different restos. What resto serves the best?


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