Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday and Saturday is all about Noms and other things~


This post isn’t entirely a new restaurant, but it is something that my sisters and I both grew eating to the old Greenbelt back then. Where it used to be along the Pancake house, dulcinea and in front of Max (fried chicken) House. Those were the good ol’ days.


  Mom treated us to dinner yesterday, we used to do that a lot when we were younger, but these days are very rare. Good thing, there’s a near branch at Cash and Carry Mall.

2011-11-13 18.14.08

I didn’t really pay attention to how much each of our orders were, the only item that I remember was the Wonton noodle soup for P150 or P170 (I think). For a table for 5, they gave us 2 small plates of appetizers which was addicting.


I think these are fried wanton wraps, dusted with some kind of spice (yummy).

For our main dish, my sister Amanda and I ordered their wonton noodle soup, for the price and the serving, it was worth it. I remember back then, they use to have 3 pieces of wantons only, but now it has 5. 1 bowl will already fill you up good.



My mom ordered the Shrimp noodle something. The sauce was very light, and the shrimp was cooked perfectly!



  My brother ordered the beef bento (sorry for blurry image, it was my sister who took the photo).

   I think he liked this because he managed to finished everything, which is good since he is a growing “boy”.


  My little nephew tyler, said he wants siopao, mom ordered one order. He sat beside me and I also shared my wonton noodle soup with him.


  For our “appetizer” which came late, Amanda ordered the parchment wrap something. We were actually all hungry, that we didn’t bother asking what our order was. We just based it in the photos on the menu. She was rather disappointed, as she thought that it was shark’s fin. It was some kind of veggie wrap, which was okay. Mom liked it a lot.



   Please excuse the forgotten names, for my appetizer I ordered this



  It comes with a chili based sauce and the wonton’s were so good. It had some chopped chives (I think) which makes the wonton look and taste more interesting. We managed to finish everything and washed it all down with their Ice tea. Which slightly tastes different now. And why can’t they have it in bottomless?


2011-11-13 19.06.44

Luk Yuen can be found at the ground floor of Cash and Carry, infront of Yellow Cab. It also has 2 floors and quite cold (which is good)

 Tips: No wifi :(

Some photos of the family…


                                                          Me, Tyler and Kert


                                                             Amanda and Mom

    For my accessories I wore this…




  My sister Julia made this, if your interested maybe you can check out her store here

  We bought some groceries and the only thing I bought and wanted to try was this


  Although, I’m still loyal with my Human Nature Balancing facial wash, which I use every morning. I seem to be going back for PONDS. There’s another facial wash product that I want to try too

 *image borrowed from Celeteque facebook page:


                                                    Can’t wait to try this~


   As for Saturday, I was home alone with Tyler, I was getting really bored and lousy and decided to go out of the house to have some “fresh” air and have some ice cream with my nephew.

2011-11-12 16.22.23

2011-11-12 16.22.45

2011-11-12 16.23.03

    And a simple FOTD…

    Using Pixlr-O-matic app

2011-11-12 15.58.09-1 - Josh,Ground1

2011-11-12 15.58.09-1

                             RAW photo using my Samsung galaxy ACE phone~

  Speaking of android apps, this Saturday will be quite exciting as the KOMIKON event is nearing, which will be held at the Bayanihan Center Pioneer. The event will start at 10AM and I definitely will be there for 2 reasons. One, I will be going as a fan, I promised myself to buy me a copy of, One Night in Purgatory and have it signed by one of my favorite artists, Carlo Vergara. And reason number 2 is, I will be supporting my man, as his company KOMIKASI enterprises will be one of the exhibitors there.


  If you have an android phone, you can try this game for free BETA version, just click the link here. It will direct you automatically in the page.

  Being the GF, I was able to try this before hand, of course a few tweaks were still needed, but if I would have to pick my favorite between Starstruck and Kitchen Musical (also created by KOMIKASI), my favorite would be Starstruck. I haven’t tried the latest version yet, of course BF is keeping it a secret until the event.

By the way, in case one of you readers are a comics fan, tickets will be sold at the Bayanihan center for P100 only. If you plan to go to the event, do drop by our booth and say hi :)



Well, that’s about it, this was rather “quite” a long post! Anyway, wishing you all a great week ahead~



  Till then!




  1. What pretty earrings! And the food at Luk Yuen is always pretty good.

  2. @Midge: thanks, yup! i love their dimsum. Gloria Maris is also yummy!

  3. Luk Yuen Wanton noodle soup + ice tea = cure for stress!


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