Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas


   Merry Christmas everyone, it’s the Christmas season and I’m sure everyone was busy preparing or meeting up with relatives during the weekend. I was also pretty much tied up as well.

   On the 23rd, I attended my man’s company party at their office. I was only able to take photos of the food. I had fun in the party, there were games and a lot of people came that day. After the party, it was pretty exhausting because my boyfriend was the host, we spent the whole night at Glorietta to shop for my things, have dinner and coffee. We also exchanged gifts since we won’t be able to spend Christmas together.

    Food at the party

2011-12-23 12.08.03

2011-12-23 12.01.19

                                            My present from my love, thanks babe~

    On the 24th, I woke up really early and had 6 hours of sleep. My mom asked me to go with her to Quiapo to buy some food, but we first went to her brother’s house near ours (somewhere in Bagtikan, Makati). Eventually, it was almost lunch time when we left, thankfully mom decided to just buy our things at Landmark Makati. My sister arrived from her date around 5pm, we were already preparing and she was just in time to help out. We had a lot of food, here’s what happened during our pre Christmas dinner.


   Mom taking pictures of the food, dynamite sticks, barbeque from ambers, macaroni salad, Caramia chocolate cake (from my sister’s boyfriend Jimmy – thank you), pasta sauce (the noodles was still being cooked), fruit cocktail, hors d’ ouevres, and ice cream was on the fridge.



                  macaroni salad topped with ham and parsley and pasta sauce



    The wines were being placed on the table, our favorite among them all was the ice wine vidal and Chateu de Surville 2007. The ice wine vidal was a dessert wine, it was so good, that we wished we had more of it. The Chateu when mixed with the fruit cocktail syrup was good too, almost like a substitute of the dessert wine.




    While waiting for 12am, Christmas day, my sister and I (as usual) shared stories and our inside jokes and drank a lot of wine. My brother was playing DOTA the whole time (enjoying his short vacation).


                                                                           to this…


                                                        to this, my crazy siblings - hehe

      And finally, it was time to open our Christmas presents. I already opened my man’s present for me the day we met, yes we were both too excited to wait for Christmas day. I will make a separate post for that.


    We slept past 12 midnight, the next day, my mom and younger siblings and I first attended worship at Bread, Greenbelt 1. The discussion was timely, as the pastor talked about: “What is Christmas?”

     We went home after to wait for our other sister and her kids to have lunch at our house. After that, we went back to Greenbelt 1 to watch Shake Rattle and Roll.

2011-12-25 15.26.37

     My sister had to go to National bookstore to buy something and I saw really cute cat post it’s.

2011-12-25 12.57.19


    My weekend was tiring, but I still had fun spending time with my family and Martin. Christmas, is not about what present made you the happiest, for it is only material. I’m not preaching that it’s bad, for it’s hypocritical of me to say that I don’t enjoy gifts. But this link really ticked me off, how materialistic some people are. Complaining that they didn’t get a 4S or a car, sheessh! Or about the CBS news on the launch of the limited edition Jordan air shoes. People will kill just to get a pair of shoes. I hope I can spend my life everyday 24/7 and 365 days a year like it’s Christmas, to love and give.

   Anyway, I hope you all was able to spend Christmas with your loved ones. Merry Christmas :)



   Till then!





  1. Happy Holidays to you, your family, and your lovely kitties! :3

  2. merry christmas to you and your family, sis! grand celeb ah! and the food looks great!
    and with our loved ones, theyre made even more special when shared with out loved ones no!

  3. @pinkcookies: thanks for always commenting, Merry christmas to you too :)

    @Midge: Merry Christmas to you and your family too :)

    Thank you

    @Gits: Hi sis, Merry Christmas to you too. Thank you, di naman sobrang grand yan, hehe. But true, it's more special when they are around.

    Hope you had a great time too :)

  4. akin nalang barbeque dear. saan ka namimili ng wine. santi's? ralph's? bacchus? winedirect? le sommelier? zen asia?

  5. @john: sa titania's wine cellar, pero gift madalas kasi friend ng mom ko ang owner. wahehehe~

  6. I hope I can spend my life everyday 24/7 and 365 days a year like it’s Christmas, to love and give. - love this.

    And thank you for the macaroni salad topping idea! Yun pa naman ang request ni MB for new year

  7. @E: Tengks! nice, sana mabasa ko naman yan sa 240baons mo.


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