Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday of Food, movies and A gadget


   Saturday came and quite a lot had happened, but the highlight of the day was when my man happily rewarded something for himself for this Christmas. Originally, we were supposed to go to Mall of Asia, but since we had breakfast at Alpha Land, we instead decided to spend our day at Glorietta Makati.

   Our breakfast, we both ordered the same thing, but for my drinks I chose Ice tea. Their hashbrown was sa makunat, for a breakfast item, this is not how it should have been. For our main dish, we always have our favorite longganisa meal.



    Overall, this is how much we spent for our meal.


    Some sceneries on our way to Glorietta…



                               Travelling through Edsa, traffic at that time was light.

    And some sceneries on our way to Glorietta…







    As soon as we arrived at Parksquare, we headed to Data Blitz to buy something.



    We arrived just in time because he was looking for a specific color and at that time, it was THE only color available. Just before us was a middle aged couple, also wanting to buy the same color that he wanted. Timing couldn’t be more perfect~


    A major upgrade to his old Fat PS3, upon purchasing the staff will discuss about the warranty for the unit and other inquiries that you may have or not know. But since my man is experienced and knows his stuff, there wasn’t much to ask about handling the unit. Major warning was just to be extra careful inserting the disk as there is a tendency to be jammed if not careful.



    Testing the unit, I was silently admiring the gaming device, aside from the color, it just looks so sleek and sexy. My man chose red and if I were to buy a PS3 too? I would most definitely buy the same color too. The red PS3 is a matte finish, really pretty. There was also an American man buying a blue PS3, I’m pretty sure Data Blitz was very happy yesterday.


                                                                    Hello there pretty one~


    He also bought the Mortal Kombat 9, US version (the US version is a bit pricier compared to the Asian version). When you pay in cash, you get to have discount. I’m not sure how much he paid for everything, but comparing the price at Toy Kingdom and Data Blitz? he got a good deal from his purchases.

    And here’s the happy boy with his reward. Congrats babe, you deserve it~



   After buying, my man wanted to canvass LCD TV’s, so we went to SM Makati, Appliance center. There were so many choices. We chanced upon this Samsung area, where they were letting people try out the Samsung 3D TV. I was left breathless and it was so realistic.

2011-12-17 11.50.13

   Our favorite part was the ocean, it looked so real, so real that it’s as if the water will really hit your face, LOL! The glasses were quite unique too because of this (refer photo below). It has an installed mini sound system

2011-12-17 11.51.59

   I was surprised to see that the construction area was finished with the hallway area.

2011-12-17 12.04.01

2011-12-17 12.05.17

    We went to Glorietta Cinema to watch Immortals, which was a very bad decision. There were a lot of inconsistencies and and and….. let’s just say that 300 IS over the top waaaay better! I won’t spoil it for you guys, in case you plan to watch. He bought us drinks and some popcorn for our first movie.

2011-12-17 12.24.47

   Right after the movie, we decided to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol. We first bought some drinks from Quickly. I had the Taro taro and he got the Choco Loco



     For our dinner, I was only able to take a picture of my order which was from Smokey’s.


     Well, that’s it for my Saturday journey. Just one more week left for THE day, weeeee.



      Till then!





  1. i miss eating jollibee's longganisa meal!!

  2. What a productive Saturday (unlike me who slept all day). I love Quickly's Taro taro! I always buy that whenever I have the chance. new follower btw! :)

  3. @peachy pink sisters: Well as productive I was yesterday is the complete opposite today, haha! Me too, it's comfort food for me, tagal na rin ng quickly here in the philippines. I love their taro pudding.

    Thanks for following, much appreciated :)


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