Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Food review: Bar-B-King


    Food tripping with my man is always fun! We rarely eat at expensive restaurants these days so our mantra is to scout for cheap but really good food. When we are in Makati, we either eat at Food choices or SM Makati food court. Last month (yes, this is a back log post) Martin and I ate at Bar-B-King again. He said that their barbecue now tastes much more yummy and 2 pcs of pork barbecue with java rice costs only P100 (no drinks).


Check out how it looks before in this link, here’s how it looks now…



    When I first took a bite, I was impressed that It was good. Soft and juicy because of the sauce. Later on, I was telling Martin “babe, the sauce reminds me of a place I’ve eaten when I was a kid.” I kept thinking and thinking and then I remembered! The sauce tastes so much like Rack’s smoked beans! There used to be a branch near Greenbelt 1, beside a village along Pasay Road I think. It tasted exactly like it. It was like the scene in Ratataouille, when Anton Ego took a bite of the Ratatouille and remembered his childhood.

   The java rice is simple, but since the barbecue is full of flavor already because of the sauce, it would be too overpowering if the rice was much more flavorful. It compliments it well. I saw one of the ladies behind the counter, the sauce came in a silver pouch. I’m not sure if they make their own or they buy it somewhere.

    Cheap food! Good food!


   Till then!




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  1. Thanks for the info!  We were looking for a branch near us, and sooo craving for barbeques... my blog btw is at, I've followede you hope you could also return the favor!  God bless!


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