Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Food review: Taclings!


     I’ve always been curious about the food stalls along the hallways of SM Makati. It was the Christmas shopping rush and Martin and I were so hungry and decided to have some appetizer. I bought us Taclings! I always see these small taco’s at Banchetto when it was still in Emerald Oritgas. This costs only P50 each, just choose from beef or tuna filling. I chose the tuna and my man chose beef.

2011-12-23 17.55.18

2011-12-23 17.55.47

2011-12-23 17.59.17

    It’s served in egg carts. The shells were good, a bit makunat and crunchy at the same time. My tuna taclings does taste like tuna, Martin tried mine to compare and said the beef tasted better. Men and meat, enough said! haha!


   The Taclings was okay, it would be better if the shells were freshly cooked but then again, for P50 bucks with 6 pieces of small taco’s, it’s not that bad really. I would go back to try the beef next time. The malunggay shell was good, well, anything fried is good right? Hehe.


    Till then!





  1. Messy lang kainin to. I tried this at Benilde. Sira ang poise ko habang nagbabantay ng booth! Di kasi kasya sa bibig ko ung isang serving kaya i have to bite off pieces of it. And I like the beef too!

  2. how interesting! but i'm sure it would have tasted better if the shell was super crunchy, ano? :)

  3. @E: Messy nga, pero ok lang. Masarap yung garlic sauce something, pero amoy garlic ka after.

    @Kate: It is, that would be so good if it was super crunchy

  4. This is really intriguing. I've seen this from other blogs as well and I've yet to try it. Looks good! :)

  5. @Guia Obsum: It's pretty good, a great snack. Hope you can try it soon :)

  6. It is, I hope you can get to try this soon. 

  7. Yeap, yung tipong freshly fried or baked. But it's still good parin naman. The fillings are good

  8. Sobrang messy nga noh? Ako rin, kasi masakit sa gums pag isang subuan. LOL! 

    I will try the beef next time~


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