Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Thursday + CATS


  Random Thursday is how I can describe my day yesterday! First, mom accompanied me to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. You see, my pain tolerance is bad, the dentist was good and had light hands, it’s just me really who has a problem. Who knows anyone who cries just having their teeth cleaned? Egad, I wanted the earth to eat me up that moment.

    But it was worth the pain and shame, super clean teeth. haha


     Every time I go to mom’s office, I feel bad for her Leica digital camera. It fell on the sea in Batanes in one of her trips, now it’s useless and just on display :(



    Finally it was time to go home. I was having a bad headache the whole time, and I was happy to have received my prize from my cat lover friend Kate, thank you so much :)



    It was Kate’s cat’s birthday, his name is Nugget. It was a fun cat birthday contest and I chose prize number 2. The blue wallet with the face of the cat is a key holder. And while I was taking pictures, my nephew Tyler was with me asking me to help him with his homework. He lied down in my bed, and look at where tabby decides to stay. Like seriously Tabby?


                                             In my nephew’s behind, haha!

      Weekend is almost here, for some it’s payday today! Happy weekend folks and hope you have a great weekend ahead :)


       Till then!





  1. Poor Leica camera :( No more hope to have it repaired? Btw, so glad you got your prize :) Thank you for joining!

  2. Ano ung mao? notebook? I want the twistables! I'm a sucker for art supplies thought i don't have the time to use them anymore. = (

  3. Yup, it's a notebook :)

  4. No chance of it being repaired, sayang. It's actually her 2nd one, her first Leica was left at a taxi :(


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