Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Food trip


     It’s always a treat when my Man and I go food tripping on weekends. Aside from spending some quality time, we put our sleeves up and critique’ the food we eat. Food is a serious business, LOL! Last Friday, we met up to watch Sherlock Holmes at Walter Mart (Chino Roces, near Don Bosco). Just to compare which has the better cinema between Cash and Carry and Walter Mart. We were happy that both has Tater’s in their cinema’s, but the one at Walter has a very slow system. We availed of the Major league combo and upsized our drinks to 22 oz for P10 each.

2012-01-13 20.08.10

2012-01-13 19.18.03

   Overall, Cash and Carry is way better than Walter, Hygienic wise. The cinema was cold at Walter but they didn’t have any drink holder which is a hassle (don’t you agree?). It’s an essential for all movie goers. The bathroom too was a bit dirty to start of with which is a turn off.

    Yesterday we were at Makati, we met up around after lunch and headed to Parksquare. We ate at Food Choices, for our breakfast/lunch/merienda. Martin bought his food at Go Greek, and I went back to Kim n’ Chi because I’m craving for ramen (yet again). I tried their Mandu Ramen (original) and for our drinks we had cold buko juice – yum.


                                                                    Lamb Gyro plate



      He availed of  his free hummus with pita bread. We both love hummus!


    I went for the Mandu at Kim n’ Chi and it costs P119 only for a big bowl. This order was better than the seafood ramen if only they could add more gyoza and if only it was not soft too soft. But nevertheless, I loved it. The broth is really good and good thing, I didn’t go with the spicy version. It was a little bit spicy to start of with. And surprisingly there were a lot of noodles. The gyoza was a little bit small but it was decent.



   For drinks best with cold buko juice.

2012-01-14 15.34.14

   We had a very late dinner and we were supposed to eat at Subway, but he promised that we will eat there when I get back from my vacation next week. I will be going out of town for a couple of days.


   I had a small meal of fillet-o-fish and coke light to wash it all down, Martin had the big mac. We were supposed to drink some booze (Tanduay ice – red mirage) but we were both weirdly feeling sick already. We called it a night, but it was definitely a fun and sweet date with my man.


     Till then!





  1. I love Taters! :D  I'm curious about Go Greek!

  2. I think the owners of cyma is behind the ingenious creation of go greek!

    I love taters too, specially the branch at glorietta

  3. I love Go Greek too! I'll try Kim N Chi next time. I usually see it but havent tried it yet :) Subway-- love!! :)

    1. We can never go wrong with their lamb. Its so good. Try their ramen, im not sure about the omu rice. I think their chapchae is good. I will try that next time.

  4. You can never go wrong with their lamb gyro plate, it's the only gyro plate we order. Their Mediterranean salad looks good too, i will try that next time.  Try Kim n' Chi if you can, I can vouch for their ramen. I was able to eat at Subway before, but I was sick and didn't take pictures sayang. I heart subway too. 

  5. oh, pareho tayo, when in food court, it's always Go Greek and Buko Juice. hahahaha. 

  6. The lamb is the only thing I eat there and the hummus. What do you always order? 


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