Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tech talk: Android Apps–NOOM


   I’ve been recently raving about NOOM – a health fitness application. I first tried out Calorie Counter but found NOOM to be much better. I love the workout feature where it counts the actual calories lost when you do a certain exercise, like biking, stationary biking, dancing, etc.


    Unlike Calorie Counter for you to use the app, you need an internet connect. As for NOOM, if you just plan to workout, you don’t need a connection as it will automatically log in your numbers.

    Everyday, NOOM gives you a goal for you to achieve, but if you want to see or complete the whole goals and unlock an achievement or something, you have to pay for it. But don’t worry, because even the free version is still very much helpful.


          You need an internet connection for the NOOM coach and the forums.


                                                               My history profile


    This is my workout session, my favorite part. I have an old stationary bike that has no time count, and having this feature is pretty convenient as it records your time and calories lost. It also motivates me more to stay longer. While exercising you can also listen to music if you opt to. Even if your biking, and decide to surf the net on your phone it will still continue to record your details. It also has a VO (voice over).


    I know how hard it is to make an app, since my man is also in the business. But it would be nice, if they can log in a more detailed food description. Like maybe include different dishes all over the world, Pinoy food perhaps?

     Logging in your food intake is a fun feature too as it counts and guides you in the amount of calories of food you take.


    I’m definitely happy about this health application, hopefully they will have a new update in the future but in the mean time, this is my work out buddy at home. All I need to get is a measuring scale, hopefully by next week I can get one.

     I haven’t lost weight that much yet, but definitely I feel much better and that is a good start. I measured myself and my next measurement to see if there’s any change would be by the end of the month.


     Till then!




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