Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend dates


       Last weekend, I was happy to have spent my 2 weekends with my man and best friend Stacy. Our date with Stacy (on a Sunday) was more of a unexpected date, one of our friends wasn’t able to make it, but hopefully this Saturday she will.

       My man and I decided to go to MOA for a change, which was really a bad idea because of the holiday and the Pyromusical event. All the time that we were there, I was ranting how much I hate how the mall looks, specially the food court. I think the only reason why I would go back to Mall of Asia is because of, Pet Express, the restaurants and the soon to open Uniqlo (hoping they would sell Hello Kitty t-shirts). After our dinner, I was finally able to use my sister’s gift for me, a Red Mango gift check – thank you so much dear sister~


           Could not contain my excitement


          Martin is not a fan of yogurt, so I enjoyed a large cup with 2 of my favorite toppings all by myself. A large cup costs P155 add P30 for 2 toppings of your choice. I checked out Pink Box since it was on the way to Red Mango, and I was surprised to see some really nice earrings. Some accessories are nice too, but when you look at it, it’s kind of pricey considering the product used. It was more of an impulse buy, so I didn’t really mind….. at that time, LOL!



            I am one happy girl, burp~


       After a horrific strolling at MOA, we decided to go to Martin’s house and compete (yes, compete, I can be very competitive in fighting games) in Mortal Kombat, a race to 5 game and I lost. I was a sore loser, haha!

        The next day, my dear friend randomly asked for a date and it was perfect that me and Martin wasn’t busy. We met up in Megamall, unfortunately we couldn’t spend the whole night with her because she promised to have dinner with her mom. Which was no biggie, since we will be having another date again this Saturday, this time with our friend Che! Yey!

         Martin recommended that we try Greenwich’s 7 cheese pizza overload, and he was right, it was so good.


       For dinner we tried Bonchon for the first time, and speaking of which, I joined a contest and I need some like support from you dear readers. I would very much be grateful. For my Bonchon experience, you can check it out in my other blog Adventures of a Lady Explorer.


         It was a fun date, Stacy showed us all her gadgets and we drooled, LOL! Looking forward for this weekend again.

          I hope this week will be a good week for all of us, till my next post Smile


        Till then!




  1. bonchon!!! i miss! :(

  2. I love Red Mango!!! :D

  3. wow, red mango. my favorite ever. another one that you may consider is Qoola(in between Greenbelt 1 and 3) and Yoghurt Nation(the fort). 


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