Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Some shopping and a day spent with good friends


        Before I go back to my regular blog posts, I just want to say thank you to those who commented in my Coping, Grieving post. I still am very sad with what happened and admittedly still at a guilt phase. Anyway, thanks for the sweet comments, I truly appreciate new commenters in my blog. Thank you.

        A special shout out to my new follower in my Facebook page - Inside A Cat’s Mind’s fan page, Carmen Watkins and for the very kind comment. Thank you.

         After attending worship last Sunday at Bread, my family and I went to Glorietta to watch a movie. We watched My Week with Marilyn which we all enjoyed.

         For our shopping, mom bought me 2 things that are pink themed. First is a travel case from National Bookstore, earphone case from Travel Essentials. The second item is my very first item from Forever 21, thanks mom.


      The earphone case

         The brand Travel Essentials speaks it’s name for itself. You can get your organizing thing-a-majings such as a bill wallet organizer and many more.Travel Essentials is located at National Bookstore, Greenbelt 1.

         It is pretty pricey but going through the case, the material used is pretty good and sturdy most importantly in PINK!


DSCN7037         It comes with a pink board too so you can wrap your earphones around, making it tangle free. The board with earphones fits just right leaving not enough space for anything to put into. But, I’m really happy with my purchase.


            The blouse at Forever 21 is a pink floral blouse. I like it’s cloth as it is very light and perfect for summer. I didn’t take a photo of the design because, I don’t want my man seeing it yet as I will be wearing it on our next date (hehe).

               Before that, last Saturday my friends and I along with Martin had a Bonchon feast. It was like Man vs. Food and it was the first time I ate chicken that many. I will post the food photos in my other blog.


      My friend Che, Martin and I

       The arms behind us is Stacy, I don’t have a decent photo of her and I think she wouldn’t want those pictures posted in my blog.

        I actually, met Che and Stacy through Martin. They’re his former officemates at eventually I got close to them both.

         I also want to say thank you to Stacy for treating us out to Bonchon again. We all had fun, finally we’re complete. Thanks to Che too for going with us even if you still had work that day. Thank you too to my man for treating me for a replacement for my Ishield at Zagg, thanks so much babe.


      The first time I got an Ishield last year, I was curious why the lady did not place any plastic over my phone. Usually, there is supposedly a curing time before you can actually use your phone. But last Saturday, a different lady placed a thin white plastic for my phone and instructed me not to use the phone for the next 12 to 24 hours. She also said that the jelly case Martin and I had, can cause the Ishield to break. I replaced my jelly case to my trusty pink cover case.

       The four of us are gadget freaks, most especially Stacy and Che as they almost have every gadget already. Since we are the type of people who loves lugging around our babies, I had an idea of taking a picture of our gadgets while resting at Food Court, Megamall.


         Our phones: Galaxy Y (Martin and Stacy’s), Samsung Galaxy ACE (Mine), Che’s Ipod touch, Martin’s Ipod touch, Stacy and Che’s portable Huawei device (super want that next time), Stacy and Martin’s Nintendo DSi XL and Stacy’s Ipad.  The 2 gadgets covered in plastic are curing babies (hehe).


         I was actually feeling a bit feverish that day, but still I was glad to have spent my Saturday with them.


    Till then!





  1. Can you please check/observe if the Invisishield doesn't turn out a yellowish tint i its edges at it wears out? Kase yung Wrapsol sa iPod Touch ko nagaganun eh. 

  2. if you are going to cover your whole unit with the ishield, I'm not sure how it will turn out. I just usually have my phone covered at the front for P800. 

    Wala pang 1 year yung iShield ko, it was pretty good naman. 


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