Saturday, April 07, 2012

Tech talk: Apps–Foodspotting


Amidst the craze of the Instagram for Android, I’ve been searching for another interesting app to try in the Google Play Market. I encountered Foodspotting in the featured section and decided to test it out.


A brief description about Foodspotting:

Foodspotting is the easiest way to find and share the foods you love: Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can recommend your favorite dishes and see what others have recommended wherever you go.

At first I was worried that it won’t be able too locate our local restaurants and places but surprisingly it did. The app is also a great social networking app where you and your food buddies can share dishes and restaurants you’ve tried.

It also integrates with your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker and etc.


Taking photos in Foodspotting is different unlike other photo sharing apps. It doesn’t have it’s own advanced camera setting like Instagram. You can choose taking photos by either your phone’s default camera or if you have other camera apps installed.


How the app works? You can choose from different categories from Specials, Best and Nearby in your area. It’s basically like a mini food blog review that you can share with people and friends.

For a foodie like me, I don’t really mind having another set of social network application to use. I noticed that most users of the app are international users. It would be nice to have my fellow friends or hard core foodies try out this app.

This app is available both for the Android and iOS devices.

Some sample photos of how the app looks like. See photo below to see what I mean.


Anyone interested to download this app? Let me know okay? Smile



Till then!




  1. I have that app too but i rarely use it. I put my food pics in Instagram instead & tag with the name of the dish/ resto so it appears when you search for a certain "tag" hahaha :D

  2. Really? Haha, that is a neat trick. There are so many photo sharing apps in the market na kasi so we tend to stick to one lang. 


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