Monday, September 10, 2012

Still friends


It’s the start of the week again and time to roll up our sleeves! Hopefully this will be a good start of the week for all of us!

Amidst all my drama about my breakup with my ex BF, we still manage to be good friends. We’re both working on our differences and perhaps maybe in the future, we would be back together although there are no assurances. Well, let’s just see how things will go. We both have our own lives now to pursue and careers to build, I’m just happy that we still communicate every now and then. After all, we did start as really good friends back in college. And I still believe that every relationship should have that foundation.

It’s been a week since my 28th birthday passed (long story), and we both had dinner at Pizza hut and finally got to eat my favorite pizza. An all veggie pizza and a pasta which I wasn’t able to take a picture of since I was really hungry already.


After dinner, we found ourselves chatting away until we saw the waiters wrapping up to close. Before bidding our goodbyes he drew me something that (hopefully) will be my new blog header. I actually really love it, and hopefully I’ll see it soon.


Thank you…..



Till then!






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