Friday, September 21, 2012

Gamers Corner: DOTA 2


It’s been a while since I posted anything about games. My PS3 died down on me 3 months ago, so my only source of gaming would be PC/ laptop which is DOTA the original mod on Warcraft III.

But that is pretty old news already as DOTA 2 is slowly making it’s way available for fans. I joined STEAM, a gaming community where you can instantly access games and meet people online. You can check out more about STEAM in their website.

It was actually Martin who introduced me to STEAM and I’ve been a member since then. I installed the Kingdom of Amalur demo, and it’s definitely a good replacement for console gaming. The only thing you have to consider though is your specs. Sadly, my specs let’s say is not fit for hardcore gaming use so my DOTA 2 experience is a bit shitty – excuse the term.

When I finally received my confirmation code from Steam support. I was excited and downloaded it immediately. It took me 2 days to finish my download which is pretty fast.


I was excited for DOTA 2 because I was curious to experience what they have in store for us fans. The original mod can be played offline, but for this one (at present) you can only play online.

dota 2

Successfully installed the game – yey!

dota 2-2

dota 2-3

Everything is entirely new and I feel like a newbie all over again. I tried playing and here’s what you can expect.

When you click learn, you will see all the heroes. They look so “cooler” now and more hardcore. Details are very nice too. Most heroes’ names from the first mod changed too. My favorite character Alleria aka Wind runner is now named as Lyraei.

dota 2-4

The items too are renamed and looks different. If time permits, I will dedicate one day to learn them all.

dota 2-5

If you are so used to the first mod and expect that it will be the same experience, you are so wrong. Point well proven in my case. It took me so long to even just buy my items O_O

I created a custom game and here’s how it looks.

Team names were renamed too, from The Sentinel they are now called The Radiant. The Scourge now called The Dire. I just wanted to see how the game is and didn’t bother tinkering with the settings as much.

dota 2-1

Picking characters

I really love the new characters look. I was surprised to see that Templar Assassin is a girl. As for my character Lyraei, she looks younger now.

dota 2-6

In game

I actually felt lost and spent time checking out everything in game. But for what’s it worth? It looks way better now. If I want to play this, I need to invest on a new laptop.

dota 2-7

I can’t say anything more since I didn’t have time yet to fully try out everything. And while playing I was always getting disconnected in the game. I’m not sure if it’s my net connection or laptop. I will have to figure it out next time.


Calling out gamers out there, what do you think of DOTA 2? Share okay?


TGIF! Smile




Till then!




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