Friday, April 09, 2010

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant

A few days ago, mom and I went out for lunch before heading to DOT (Department of Tourism), she brought me to Golden fortune, which is located at Kalaw, Manila, right across DOT only. It was my first time to eat there, like most Chinese restaurants, they have a wide space that can seat more than 20+ people, the typical Chinese restaurants that you can find in Ong Pin, China Town, etc. We we’re hungry already and it was scorching hot and when we got to the place it was brown out, which was funny, they don’t have a generator which is expected of them. Mom was too tired so she wanted to wait there and good thing around 5 minutes or so the electricity was back. Well prices seemed a bit high (not steep), since they have big servings I think it’s pretty reasonable. I ordered, Yang chow fried rice, Fried fish sweet and sour, Lobster ball, Japanese siomai, and ice tea. They serve free appetizers which is really good, some sort of pickled veggies and it’s now my favorite, I’m actually craving for more.

                                                                 Free Appetizer

Image0858                                                      Fried fish sweet and sour

Image0859                                       With Yang chow rice, I think it’s good for 2-3 persons

The Yang chow rice was not a rant or a rave either, it didn’t taste really good compared to North Park and the one at Ong Pin, but there were lot’s of toppings like Shrimp and meat. Okay, to be blunt about it, the rice was matabang. lol! As for the fried fish sweet and sour, it was good, typical sweet and sour fish, best served fresh and hot (of course).


                                                         Lobster ball 2pcs.

I was expecting a lot as it sounded really yummy, but not really my type. It has a weird texture, I was expecting a siomai-ish texture but seems like the lobster ball was just wanton wrappers and in between were little bits of lobster pieces.
              Image0863                                                             Japanese siomai

Their japanese siomai was not a disappointment, it had a rich pork taste, inside it has a big chunk of chorizo wrapped in nori paper.

There are some Chinese restaurants who offer tea on the house but for this particular restaurant they charge P40 per cup or tea pot of Jasmine tea. I love tea and Jasmine is my new favorite. What we weren’t expecting was  free dessert, I thought it was just a wrong table but the waiter said it was on the house. Free is good! haha.


It’s like a version of mais con yelo but in a jelly type version. When you break it in half, there are bits of corn and cream. It has a very light taste which was the perfect way to end the meal. I wasn’t able to write down the prices though but our total bill was P778.10 but that was because of my mom’s senior citizen card :D
My Verdict: Since it’s my first time to eat there and I haven’t tried out other dishes I’d give it 3/5 spoons.
The place was clean, I dislike a very smelly ladies room and theirs was clean which is good! The attendants we’re friendly and accommodating, which is a plus!

Will I eat there again? Yes.


*I apologize for the poor image quality, for now I am just using my camera phone Nokia 5310, please bear with it for the mean time. Thank you :)

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