Monday, April 12, 2010

NBI clearance experience

For everyone’s information, NBI Carriedo has moved to Monumento, Caloocan at the Victory Mall 5th Floor

For new applicant’s: P115

Wet tissue (finger print) P2.00

Travel time: It took me an hour and a half (going home), traffic was bad and the heat isn’t helping, (but that was because I took a jeep, I didn’t want to walk a few more steps going to LRT because it was too hot)  wishes summer would end soon. lol!

There are 6 steps total, prepare for a hideous long line (as expected). If you get a no hit result (meaning you don’t have the same name as others, or a record etc), you can instantly get your clearance paper, but for those like me who got a HIT result, I have to wait 3 days before I could claim for it. Dang it!

I was just wondering though, some were applying for a renewal, but from what I know there are branches like Makati Parksquare who has a renewal kiosk and you can easily get it in a few minutes.

So, I hope this helps to those who are applying for NBI Clearance and Goodluck! Tomorrow off to SSS, BIR, Barangay clearance and medical examination, all located in Makati, WOOT! I won’t be traveling that far thank goodness.


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