Sunday, April 04, 2010

My Companions


Cat’s do have weird positions, one of each is different. Piccolo, my half breed persian half native cat was smelling funky already, so I decided to give him a shower. One trick if you want your cat to behave while giving your companion a bath is to first, train him while young, second, ALWAYS cut their nails and third warm water is a must. They keep still, compared to cold running water (at times, I really get lazy to get a pot and wait for it to boil.) So, for this specific bath time, he made a weird position which is really so funny.

After taking a shower, this was how he was sleeping at first:


I was actually surfing the net in my room table and he was sleeping in my sisters bed and when I turned around, I was shocked to see him like this.

Image0842                        His head tucked under (you can still see it.)


                   Now his head tucked really waaaay under (weird)

Cat’s make the weirdest position while they are sleeping or cleaning themselves and I find it so cute.

Here’s my other cat Tabby:


My Sunday weekend has been pretty uninteresting, looking forward for next week and hopefully a better one.

Till next time!


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