Friday, April 02, 2010

Maundy Thursday + a simple celebration

It was a fun filled day yesterday, BF and I got to spend quality time together. We were hoping that the movies were open but too bad it wasn’t, he picked me up almost around lunch already so we decided to have lunch instead. Our options were limited since almost all the shops in Cash and Carry were closed, we also happen to stumble upon our friend Ria and her sister Marie, really loving the cat henna tattoo there :)

We ate at Jollibee for lunch, I wasn’t in the mood for pizza, or japanese, and wasn’t sure about the Grill restaurant they have if it was good or what. So I opted for good ol’ Jollibee. Oh, I just remembered, before that I asked BF to try the Takoyaki at Cash and Carry, I like their Takoyaki compared at Glorietta, Maru Maru. I think the name in Cash and Carry’s Takoyaki was Ton Ton Tei. P56 for 6 pieces.


                                BF’s order, Spicy chicken
                         My order, TLC meal with pineapple juice

     There are actually different versions of how they make Takoyaki’s, for this particular stand, they pour in garlic powder and the green stuff I think is parsley or maybe nori, I’m not too sure, and the sauce is good. Inside are veggies.

After spending some time in our place watching God Father I (this film never fails to amaze me or him, for me, it’s my 4th time watching it and I never get tired watching it again and again. ), His mom invited me to attend to their pabasa at Don Galo, around 7-8pm, we got there I think sometime past 7pm. But we were so hungry and Minute Burger was there in front of us. The first time I ate at Minute Burger was here in Pasong Tamo, way back when I was a kid and it still tasted the same. Too hungry, I forgot to take a picture of their promo,  a double minute burger buy 1 take 1 for P33 add 6 for coleslaw. It was fairly good, a lot of people were ordering too.

It was his lolo’s birthday as well yesterday, so it was a 2 way “celebration” lolo’s birthday (Father side) and the pabasa, it was good to see his mom too, and Tita Ne. 1/3 of the Jimenez family were there and it was a riot but fun, meeting the other Uncle’s was a pleasant experience. They talked about accomplishment’s of their sons abroad and how Francisco Coching’s humble beginnings started. BF contributed ice cream for his nephew’s and cousins, kids are easy to please with a big gallon of ice cream, haha! During the night, I mostly talked to his Uncle and his mom. Tita, was asking what my plans are and what happened in my graduation. The blowing of candles was an awwww moment, after blowing the candles, his lolo started to cry,  maybe because he was happy seeing his apo’s, I’m not sure though. At the end of the day, said our goodbye’s to the family, it was getting really late and had to go home already. We had ice cream first, it was a perfect way to end the day.

Image0606                  With one of his tita’s, she was very nice to talk to


                                      BF with his Uncle


  We were looking for Selecta’s Brownie fudge a la mode, but there wasn’t any in stock, we chose the Gold label Hazelnut brownie instead, 465ml for P139. It had a very subtle flavor of hazelnut and smaller pieces of brownies, but very creamy. It was okay, not a rant or a rave.


BF and I at 7-11, love him so much. Thanks sweetie for the wonderful day <3

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