Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project Vanity and Carefreeshopper NYX Giveaway

Hi everyone! Here's a chance to try P1,600 worth of NYX products - for free! The contest is sponsored by Carefreeshopper.

projectvanity.com contest

Details on how to join can be seen at the poster, please follow accordingly.

Here’s the link of project vanity’s blog site: http://www.projectvanity.com/projectvanity/2010/4/19/project-vanity-and-carefreeshopper-nyx-giveaway.html

or visit Carefreeshopper at multiply: http://carefreeshopper.multiply.com/

I will be joining as well so:

1. What shades of the following NYX products would I like to get?

* NYX Goddess of the night - beige,perfect, gold pink

* NYX creme blush CB05- Glow

* NYX Round lipstick in Thalia, summer love, fig, lipstick B52

* NYX Lipgloss Diamond Sparkle Gloss Rose

* NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk

  * NYX Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow in White Pearl


  1. Hey, I think Project Vanity posted that you won the giveaway! Congrats!

  2. @Salmoncat: Yeah,just got online now, was sleeping the time she posted me as the winner, I emailed her already. Thanks! :)


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