Saturday, August 21, 2010

Body Shop’s Baked-to-last


  A huge thanks to SUMMIT Media for hosting the contest TBS baked-to-goodness for the month of July and for Salmoncat tweeting about it. I was chosen as one of the winners of these lovely babies

the-body-shop-baked-to-last-eyes                                                                    eye shadowsthe-body-shop-baked-to-last-face                                                                        bronzers


the-body-shop-baked-to-last-cheeks                                                                             blush

                 There are 2 winners for each set and what I got were these shades.



   Bronzer: Warm Glow (P1,295)

   Cheeks: Petal (P1,195)

    4 eye shadows: starlight, quartz, sapphire, jade (the prices for the eye shadow are P995)

*best part I got it for free!

  I was able to go there yesterday and the SUMMIT Media office reminded me of the movie the Devil wears Prada. Most people there were very fashionable and good thing I came prepared, if not I would’ve looked stupid that day, haha. I wore my favorite sort of black dress with butterfly and leggings and closed shoes. The guard and lady that assisted me were nice too. Here’s a sneak peek of the lobby,


Image1207                                                   The paper bag that came with it 

   As soon as I got in the office, I instantly opened it and checked out the colors they chose for me. The bronzer and blush was a good choice, but for the eye shadows, I have yet to try color green. I occasionally wear eye shadows, or when I feel like it.  I haven’t perfected wearing one and I think I need to invest on a eye shadow brush. On the same day we also had our monthly get together party at the office and it was a blast. It was a feel good Friday, although, just a little bit disappointing because BF and I wasn’t able to have dinner together due to HEAVY as in literally heavy traffic and the people at MRT was jam packed, it was a loooooong line he says.

  Can anyone recommend a good eye shadow brush? or a simple drugstore eye shadow brush will do?


  Thanks again SUMMIT Media for hosting this contest ^_^


Till then!



  1. Hi, Kitten! Came across your blog while I was Googling the Kleenex oil blotter. I'd recommend the Marionnaud eyeshadow brushes, you can find them in Watsons for less than a hundred pesos each :)

  2. @Ysabel: Oh wow, thanks for the recommendation, will definitely try it. Thanks ^_^


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