Monday, August 23, 2010

Start of a good week (I hope) + TBS, Human Nature


  Happy Monday my readers! I was able to rest this weekend and all pumped up for work for this week. Sadly, it’s the last week for my weekend off, next month our off will rotate and it’ll be on a tuesday and wednesday.

  I am back to writing in my diary again, it’s been 1 year since I’ve stopped, sometimes there are certain things that you just want to write about, like personal stuff that you can’t reveal online, also reason for writing is to organize my spending and savings. But I  may have to buy a new notebook for separate expenses and savings. A few other stuff that I can’t wait to try this Monday are these

Image1217   Of course, it has to be a Hello Kitty diary (this was last years), Human Nature Aloe Vera and Peppermint shampoo and one of my beauty loot from SUMMIT – TBS Baked-to-last’s cheek blush and eye shadow

Closer look?

human nature shampoo  I love human nature’s peppermint shampoo, it really feels cold in the scalp and I love it.

Image1212                                                                Blush in Petal 

Image1214                                                       Eye shadow in Quartz -

                    (I know it’s quite blurry but the color on pan is really lovely.)


  BF and I was on the phone last night, and we were talking about our plans for our savings, wants, and our upcoming 5th anniversary – sigh. He’s really pushing on saving for our very first tagaytay trip this Christmas and he’ll be spending for transportation and hotel. Though he says, if I want to buy some souveneirs or stuff I have to pay for it, haha. I don’t mind. Now I can’t wait! here’s a glimpse of the hotel where we plan to stay

View-Park-Hotel-Tagaytay  BF and his group went here for a couple of days for a retreat, says it’s really nice and the rates are quite affordable. 

  Other things we talked about was, what we both wanted for our Anniversary gift, I was actually surprised that he’s going to buy the camera for me, it will be a 3-in-1 gift (my upcoming birthday, 5th anniversary and Christmas gift in one), Oohh, now I can’t wait, it’s just a matter of time. I know there’s no element of surprise anymore but I still love it. Just like when he bought my my Pink DS Lite. He convinced me to buy the Nokia C3 first, instead of the camera, It was a good point since I’ll be using the phone more over the camera. So it’s official the Nokia C3 is the one since the N8 is unrealistic for budget anyway but I still love it. No wonder why he is pushing me to buy the phone, it’s because he’s planning to buy the camera for me. >.<

  That’s about it for me, btw, I want to thank Ysabel who commented about my question regarding drugstore eye shadow brushes, thanks for recommending Marionnaud, will definitely give it a go later or next week.  ^_^


Till then!



  1. Cute :) Hope your Tagaytay trip pushes through. Estancia is okay. Evercrest is NOT. Bahooo CR. Lumang hotel. Hehehe.

    Btw, TBS loot looks great. :) I tried Elianto's baked stuff. bilis magcrack :( but color payoff is good. Haba na netong comment ko. Anywho, advanced happy birthday. :) Stay happy Kate!

  2. @Mel: Yup, I hope I can get out of work for 3 days, Martin says I work too much daw O.o??
    Estancia? will google it, thanks for the recommendation.

    ROFL! So not going to Evercrest then, eewww.

    Yeah it sure does, haven't swatched it yet, too pretty to touch, LOL!

    Nahh, I don't mind, thanks for commenting though. Thanks thanks! You too stay happy always! TC

  3. What's the name of the hotel? I've been bugging MB for months now to have a weekend getaway in Tagaytay.

  4. @Lady E: I think it's Park Hotel, BF says the place is very nice and decent when they went there for a retreat.


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