Friday, August 20, 2010

Farewell N900


  The N900 in my perspective is rather quite too much for my needs, but it’s still a great phone eventually. Of course everything that is new is exciting at first but when you get hold of it for more than a month, you get used to it. As for me it has been with me for a short span of 2 weeks but it was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. And today was the day of pick up from DHL. I had to take pictures before it leaves and I will miss it for sure. I love the touch feature, was a bit off with the music media settings, in love love love with the camera, loves the texting feature, which I wished all Nokia phones would be like that . Farewell N900, It was a bliss having you. For the other features that I wasn’t able to use, I’m pretty sure it was useful for other guys out there. The phone isn’t bad at all, it just needs some tweaks but from what I know, they’re phasing out the N900.


Image1168                                                      One last look of the phone 

Image1167  When my friends saw me signing this and wrapping the box, they we’re sad too and said “goodbye N900, wave.” hehe.

  A huge thanks to WOM/Nokia for giving us the chance to try out their new Nokia phones even for a short time. I am hoping to have another shot of making a phone review again and this time with the N8, I fell in love with it. Nokia for me is the best phone out there. ^_^

Till then!


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