Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First time at Banchetto


  This is rather a late post, but anyways, if you are working in Ortigas, you’d probably heard about the Banchetto, where local entrepreneurs sells food and pastries in Emerald St., BF and I went there a few weeks ago to check out what’s it all about. Well, I think it would’ve been better if we went there like midnight for more food choices. We went there like past 7am and the food that we’re available wasn’t impressive because mostly some stores we’re closing up. But we we’re interested in the Monster burger but sadly, by the time we got there, they ran out of buns. I guess it means that their burgers are good. Here are pictures






                                                          Cordon Bleu for P100

  This was just so-so for me, I didn’t like the hotdog inside, as far as I know  it should’ve been ham and cheese, but I guess this was their version of it.


20100807_010                                                        Takoyaki rice for P28 

  Among all the food that we ordered, this was our favorite, I really enjoyed this rice, just not service. I forgot to take a picture of BF’s food though. Well, I can’t say that our experience was bad, but I’m definitely not going to order that Cordon Bleu again. I saw some stalls selling pasta which “looked” good, and we have yet to try that monster burger. You can definitely expect a lot of people there at Banchetto, I think they’re all call center employees.

Till then!



  1. Hey Kitten, I think I saw a Monster Burgers booth at the Legaspi Sunday Market.

  2. @Salmoncat: Oh really? that's nice to hear, thanks for the info!Will check it out soon ^_^

  3. @[cookiespink]: You should it's pretty good.


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